Calonge-Sant Antoni, enjoys a privileged location in the center of the Costa Brava. Between sea and mountains and with a mild climate, it is an incomparable setting.
It consists of two towns: Calonge, inland, and San Antonio, facing the sea. The historic center of Calonge is the most obvious sign of its ancient history.

  • Sport Destination

    DIVING at Camping CALA GOGO with DIVERSUB:

    Diving on site. Also there are boat trips from Sant Feliu to Palamos. Courses :PADI, ACUC and FEDAS, equipment rental and bottles, baptisms, etC


    VISIT MEDES ISLAND NATURE RESERVE (Torroella de Montgrí-l’Estartit, a 29 Km de Calonge)

    Visit Medes Islands Nature Reserve  in Torroella-L’Estartit. A visit to the town of L’Estartit would not be complete without the Medes Islands. It is a marine and terrestrial protected area noted for its high biological diversity. Consists of two small islands and a set of small islands and reefs. The submerged part, now protected area, has generated very complex ecosystems that make it one of the ideal places for diving.

    Take a cruise on the sea and enjoy the mystery and beauty of underwater life of the Medes Islands Nature Reserve. Through its submerged cabins with large windows, Nautilus boats offer exceptional view of a seabed full of life.This route, in addition to the underwater viewing, offers you the posssibility to take a  swim in the Costa del Montgrí.


    RIDING (Natural Park Gavarres -Vall Aro – 10 km from Calonge)
    Horse riding in the mountains, the countryside and the beach. Suitable for all levels. From the age of 10.


    If there is something special in the Emporda are their coastal roads . These roads  are situated on the coast   and have had different uses throughout history: access to the coves in the event of shipwreck, watch the horizon to avoid pirate attacks, and even to smuggle the time war. Today you can walk and enjoy with tranquility, the coastal landscape, and access the hidden coves.

    Cala Gogo


  • Aquatic Parc

    Family Destination

    We know that is not the same traveling alone that spend  a family holidays.

    Calonge -Sant antoni is a cozy, quiet town, plenty of services designed for a family audience activities.

    We also propose other activities on surrounding villages.



    The historic center of Calonge is one of the recommended places. The streets of downtown are a sign of its long history. Doma Square, church or Main Street worth a visit. Càlcul Street, a covered space that leads to the Plaza Mayor, is also one of the noteworthy points of interest. Once in the square, we find one of the most important monuments of the town: the castle of Calonge (…)


    ENJOY THE “CALAS” OF  CALONGE (Calas of Calonge and Platja d’Aro)

    Where the pines watching the sea, where it seems that the canopy of pines  want to bring the waves, we find a unique and beautiful ecosystem: the very essence of the Costa Brava, which can be enjoyed through the walkways of a between San Antoni de Calonge and Playa de Aro (…)


    AQUADIVER WATER PARK (Playa de Aro, located 2 km from Camping Cala Gogo)


    FISHING WORKSHOP (in Palamos, 7 km from Calonge): TELA MARINERA

    Adventure sailing and fishing shop. The activity includes equipment and bait. Breakfast maded on board . Max. Boat 11 people. All children must be accompanied by an adult.


    FISHING MUSEUM . (in Palamos, 7 km from Calonge)

    Guided Space Fish, visits allow insight into the work of fishermen and related food culture and cooking fish on the Costa Brava.

    Shed building. Port of Palamos. Fishing pier, s / n (17230 – Palamós)


    CERAMIC BISBAL (La Bisbal del Empordà, 23 km from Calonge)

    La Bisbal d’Empordà is now one of the leading pottery centres in Catalonia. The importance of this activity is clearly shown in the urban landscape of the city, known for the slender silhouettes of old industrial chimneys and a shopping area that is focussed on marketing the different pottery products.




  • medes

    Nature Destination


    Visit  the bays arround  the coast : Palafrugell, LLafranc i Tamariu,  one of the most attractive points on the Costa Brava.



    The biggest volcanic region in the Iberian Peninsula. The beech grove known as Fageda d’en Jordà is another example of the beauty of the area’s landscape.




    A Natural setting of indescribable beauty. This is one of the  Iberian Peninsula’s largest lake It was the venue for the rowing events in the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics.



  • romanya

    Turisme Cultural i Gastronòmic


    FIGUERES AND THE DALÍ MUSEUM (Figueres, 68 km from Calonge)

    At only 35 km from the center of the Baix Empordà region we find Figueres, the capital of the Alt Empordà region, known mainly for the Dalí Theater-Museum.
    In the last years, Figueres has increased its offer of services, with a large shopping center formed by the most central streets of the city, where is also the Dalí Theater-Museum, one of the most visited in all of Catalonia.

    The Museum, built on the remains of the old theater of Figueres, was opened in 1974 and exhibits the widest range of works collected from the artistic career of Salvador Dalí (1904-1989), from his first experiences artistic and his creations within Surrealism until the works of the last years of his life.
    Port Alguer (1924), The Specter of Sex-appeal (1932) or Galatea de les Esferes (1952), among others, are some of the most outstanding works on display.

    During the months of July and August, the Dalí Theater-Museum is open every day of the week. The rest of the year closes only on January 1, December 25 and Mondays (except for holidays and evees).
    The day can be completed with a visit to the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes, located a few kilometers from Figueres and in the middle of the Natural Park of Cap de Creus, where you will enjoy an unequaled panoramic view of the Empordà

    GIRONA (37 km from Calonge)

    The city of Girona, the capital of the province, is only 30 km from the Baix Empordà.

    Founded by the Romans, Girona has one of the best historical sites in the country: medieval walls, Romanesque and Gothic monuments, baroque spaces and one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in Europe.

    The new, balanced and dynamic city houses remarkable works of the Noucentisme and outstanding examples of contemporary architecture.

    The Onyar River divides the city into two parts. It is worth mentioning the picturesque facades of the houses that give the river: a reflection of the past and the present of the city, they offer the visitor a vision of the history, art and life of the people of Girona.

    We also suggest visiting the different museums of the population, such as the Museum of Cinema, the City History Museum, the Museum of Art or the Jewish Museum of the Call.

    FORALLAC (19 km from Calonge) AND PERATALLADA (21 km from Calonge)

    The municipality of Forallac is made up of a group of towns located at a distance from each other, among which the Peratallada town, a medieval group of notable interest, stands out above all. Peratallada is a nucleus that presents the typical medieval structure: narrow and irregular stone alleys closed by a complex system of walls. The castle’s master tower also stands out.

    SANTA CRISTINA D’ARO (13 km from Calonge) ROMANIAN NUCLEUS OF ROMANYA (10 km from Calonge)

    The nucleus of Romanyà is one of the great attractions of the municipality of Santa Cristina d’Aro and the place of residence of the writer Mercè Rodoreda. Visit the beautiful pre-Romanesque church of Sant Martí, interesting for its structure and the set of elements that they form it

    SANT FELIU DE GUÍXOLS (28 km from Calonge)

    The architectural ensemble of Sant Feliu de Guíxols. In Sant Feliu de Guíxols highlights the architectural ensemble of the Benedictine monastery, which was one of the most important and powerful. In the rest there is an interesting group of Romanesque buildings, made up of two towers and the Porta Ferrada (10th century), whose irregular shape and dimensions constitute a very particular and attractive image that has become a characteristic reference.


    Gastronomic excellence is a virtue of which all the regions of the Costa Brava participate. You can always enjoy the pleasure of natural, market, traditional, sophisticated, creative or even great cuisine. The main singularity lies in the twinning of quality sea and mountain products, such as chicken with crayfish. On the coast, a marine cuisine based on the fruits of the sea with such celebrated combinations as suquet and black rice; In the mountains, with excellent meat and sausages and the correct pairings such as beef and mushrooms.