Sant Pere Pescador is a very popular destination for lovers of nature and sport. You will find traditional restaurants, live music, craft and fruit markets, all in a relaxed family atmosphere. The village is located only 100 meters from the campsite.

The beach of Sant Pere Pescador is popular for its wideness (6km) and will take you back to the paradise for being wild and virgin. You and walk with the kids through the waves, water does not cover until 100mts. It is the ideal destination for lovers of sailing, windsurfing and kite-surfing. On summer nights, the beach is also open in the form of small bars where you can taste a cocktail while you enjoy a live music concert on the sand, or simply stare at the moon.

  • Ruïnes d´Empuries
    Butterfly Parc
    Aiguamolls de l Empordà

    Family destination

    Natural Park “Els Aigüamolls de l’Empordà”: – 6km
    It is the second and largest wetland in Catalonia. It consists of a series of ponds, pastures and floodplains in the confluence of the rivers Muga and Fluvià. There stands the great variety of waterfowl, many of which are migratory. The park has strategic positions to enjoy the charm of wildlife in its splendor.
    Butterfly Park: – 9km
    (Empuriabrava): The Tropical Butterfly Park is one of the biggest of Europe. You can walk in through the paths of the heart of a tropical rainforest and observe the fascinating world of butterflies. You will see the most beautiful butterflies living altogether in freedom and feeding itself with Nectar from the exotic plants.

    Of the Natural Park of Cap de Creus: 30km
    (Port of the Forest, Cadaqués and Roses): The Natural Park of Cap de Creus extends on 10.787 hectares of terrestrial and space of 3.073 hectares of marine space. It covers the coastal villages of Cadaqués, the Port de la Selva, Llançà and Roses. You can make a magnificent stroll and you will be able to see more than 250 species of birds.

    Bulk of Montgri: – 15km
    (L’Escala, Bellacaire and Torroella Montgri) Do not miss the Mongó Cove and the extraordinary landscape of cliffs of the Bulk of the Montgrí and the Medes Islands. It is a unique landscape that extends throughout and4 miles and is one of the more unique sections of coast that the Costa Brava conforms.

    The Medes Islands Protected Area: – 30km
    (L Estartit): The small archipelago of the Medes is formed by seven small islands and some barren reef. It is located one mile of the coast It constitutes a place of extraordinary biological and ecological value with a huge variety of species and atmospheres in a landscape of great organic beauty.

    The National Center of Reproduction of  Tortoise of the Albera: – 36km
    (The Junquera, and Cantallops, Espolla): Located in the South slope of the bulk of Albera. It is constituted by two different affluent areas; the west side is covered by Central European vegetation and the Eastern Mediterranean with Mediterranean vegetation. It is the turtle center where you can find the last surviving populations of Mediterranean turtle.


    Wetlands of the Baix Emporda: – 20km
    (Torroella de Montgrí and Pals): It is a set of salt marshes generated by the end of the course of the rivers Ter and Daró. The total surface is 23.478 ha.


  • Sports Destination

    In-the-site activities:

    KAYAKING: Bring your own kayak or canoe! If you don’t have one, you can rent i at the reception. You will paddle through the Fluvià river and will get straight to the sea from our private quay side.

    SAILING: rent a mooring place i our quay side and enjoy the water life.

    BIKING AND HIKING: loads of routes for all ages and wide range of difficulty. Departing from the campsite.

    PADEL-TENNIS: You can practice or start up from zero. Balls and rackets at the reception.

    IOGA: relax and free your mind in our weekly yoga session.

    FISHING: Find the best spots for fishing around the campsite premises.

    OBSERVATION OF BIRDS: Find the birds of the natural park, they come to visit us very often.

    External activites:

    -Windsurf and kitesurf:,

    -MTB Routes:

    -Kayak Routes

    -Canyoning, climbing, trekking:


    -Balloon trips
    -Cuises on the Costa
    -Horse trips:



  • Ruïnes d´Empuries

    Cultural Destination

    Figueres (16km, 15min)
    Visit the Teatre-Museu Dalí, where you can marvel at the exceptional works of the emblematic Catalan artist Salvador Dalí.

    Toy museum: over 4,000 pieces of toys. This museum exhibits the best times of our lives. Dome of this toys have belonged to celebrities.

    Castelló d’Empúries (8km-3min)
    – Cathedral: The Church of Sta. Maria is a clear example of Catalan Gothic architecture. It was built in the XIII century on the enclave of a Romanesque church. The counts of Castelló d’Empúries wanted the town to be the see of the Empordà, hence its monumentality.

    – The medieval city: The lovely medieval city is perfect to stroll through its streets and admire the remains of another era. Do not miss the event called “Terra de Trobadors,” which is held around September 11th.

    – The Eco-Flour factory: It is of a special interest because it is still running. You can see the traditional production process of the flour with a the machinery of early twentieth century.

    Roses (17km, 15min)
    Interesting tourist spot. It has a great harbor and shopping promenade.
    Ciutadella: It is a fortress where you will admire the remains of the ancient Greek city of Rhodes.

    Peralada (18km, 16min)
    Peralada Castle: It holds the celebration of the Classical Music Festival and is famous for its extensive wine cellar, the library-museum, the collection of glass (one of the world’s most important art gallery) the collection of tapestries, the Casino … Make it a must!

    St. Martí Empúries (12km, 10min)
    Small picturesque village with good restaurants.
    Greek and Roman Ruins: One of the most important archaeological sites in Catalonia. You will find the old cities of Emporium (Greek) and Emporia (Roman). They were the gateway to the classical cultures of the Iberian Peninsula. The remains are preserved in a privileged witness.

    Sant Pere de Rodes (28km, 26min)
    Monastery: It was historically considered the example of Romanesque Catalonia.
    Vilabertran ( 18 km – 15min)
    Monastery: The monastic complex has a unique interest in the context of Catalan medieval architecture because it represents a large part of the land exchange between the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Vilabertran

    Ullastret (29km, 15min)
    Iberian settlement: It is the largest known settlement of their time (since the sixth century BC. to the early second century BC.) The site has also found prehistorical remains. (links from the Upper Paleolithic flint and pottery from the Chalcolithic.)

     Torroella (20km, 19min)

    Museum Montgrí Baix Ter: You will find information of the natural environment of the region, its history and traditional life. This is good example of the archaeological wealth of this land. Remains of settlements for over 300,000 years have been found. It is one of the oldest museums in Catalonia and it follows a route that goes from the caves of the Paleolithic to the Roman era finds.

    La Jonquera (42.5 km-37 min.)
    Memorial Museu de l’Exili (MUME): The Jonquera promotes recovery of history and memory of the exiles from our country, especially the Republican exile, led by end of the Civil War of


    L’Escala (12.6 Km-21min)
    MARAM-center interpretation of fish: We approach the world of fishing in a visual and interactive. Using a permanent exhibition know the day to day the fisherman … also may attend auctions fish MARAM also offers gastronomic, fish tasting …