Calella de Mar

Senia Caballo de Mar is a campsite at a 10 minutes' walk from the centre of the touristic village of Calella de Mar, where everything can be found. Ideal to go there with the family, Calella de Mar is a place where you will find both the beach from the coastline of Barcelona, and the Montnegre i Corredor Natural Park a few minutes away.

What to visit in Calella de Mar?

  • The lighthouse: It is without any doubt, one of the main attractions of the village. From there you can enjoy a fantastic view over the beach of Calella. The beach, the sunsets, the last rays of the sun and reddish clouds over the sea.
  • Les Torretes: Two towers built in 1857, used for optical telegraphy during the Second Carlist War.
  • Tourism museum: A modern building where you can learn the history of all visitors and explorers of the region.
  • Dalmau Parc: A nature park for the whole family where you can discover lush vegetation, on one side plane trees, and on the other, the Mediterranean forest with tall pine trees.
  • Old Llobet-Guri factory: It is an old textile factory that has become one of the most important ones, nationwide. It is currently used as the main headquarter for several local entities, and for events such as carnivals, dance festivals, etc.

What to do in Calella de Mar?

  • Shopping in the centre: Calella is known for the large range of leisure and shops that exist in its most central streets. As we have mentioned, the campsite is near Calella and you can go by foot to the shopping area.
  • Sun and sea holidays: Besides everything, as a town on the Maresme Coast, Calella de Mar is an ideal place for sun and beach tourism. For example, you can visit Playa de las Rocas, a group of small and quiet coves. On the other hand, you can visit the Garbí Beach or the playa Grande, which are known for their large area of golden sand.
  • Hiking: Discover Montnegre, an emblematic Natural Park with charming routes of different levels.
  • Walk along the seafront promenade: Stroll along the charming village boulevard, breathe in the sea breeze, it is ideal to relax while visiting this beautiful place.

Calella fairs and festivals
  • Rockfest music festival: In mid-October all of Calella rocks it to welcome the most authentic rock music. The festival becomes an important event for locals and visitors who want to enjoy the best of rock, blues and punk rock.
  • Rockabilly Festival: Music for true lovers of the 1950s. Held in early June.
  • Psychobilly festival: Enjoy the fusion of two styles as unique as punk rock and rock 'n' roll. It is celebrated in early July.
  • Oktoberfest: Live the beer festival as if you were in Germany. This famous German tradition has come to Calella to stay there. Every year this festival is held where beer, bands, Bavarian gastronomy and dancing remind us how easy it is to share moments of happiness.
  • Renaissance Fair: Travel back in time and live the history of 5 centuries ago. The fair consists of more than 60 exhibitions, parades, shows and many more surprises.
Camping Caballo de Mar campsite near Calella de Mar
Camping Caballo de Mar campsite near Calella de Mar
Camping Caballo de Mar campsite near Calella de Mar
Camping Caballo de Mar campsite near Calella de Mar
Camping Caballo de Mar campsite near Calella de Mar