The location of Camping Senia Cala Canyelles is perfect to discover the magical corners of this incredible province and its city. Stroll the streets of the historic centre and learn all about the most ancient secrets of this magical city.

What to visit in Girona?

  • Casas de Onyar: They are certainly the most distinctive picture of Girona. A group of brightly coloured houses along the river bank, contrasting with the stone buildings of the old town in the background.
  • The wall: The first purpose of this construction was to protect the city from the invaders. Due to its location as a border town, Girona was a strategically important place durig the war. From the wall you can admire the best view of the entire city.
  • Arabic Baths: The Girona baths are located at the foot of the cathedral. It is a small dome surrounded by a stone building. The outside of the building is spectacular and inside you can see some forms of great beauty. The construction is Romanesque, but you can see details of the Muslim baths.
  • The cathedral: it is clearly the symbol of the city of Girona. It is notable for its height and size (it is the second largest in the world). More than 5 centuries of history have passed through the stones of its facade. For movie and series fans, some of the scenes from the very famous Game of Thrones series were filmed in this place.
  • Jewish Distric: it is a labyrinth of streets and narrow alleys surrounded by old stone houses. You can feel the air of ancient years in this place, as if time had stood still between these streets. It is one of the most important Jewish districts in Europe.
  • Pujada de Sant Domenec: this is one of the most famous streets in the old town of Girona. It is an alley with stairs in the heart of Barri Vell (Old district), where we can also find the Renaissance Palace of Celemany, the Palace of the Agullana and the Church of Sant Martí Sacosta.
  • Temps de flors (Flowering time): in spring, the city of Girona fills with colours during the "Temps de flors" festival. A celebration in which the most characteristic corners of the capital are filled with the most charming flower arrangements. You can also enjoy concerts, storytelling and guided tours during the same period. More info here
  • Basilica of Sant Feliu: it is one of the most distinctive churches in Girona and it is the oldest (year 305). Although the current construction was built in the 14th-16th century, it hosts no fewer than 8 early Christian Roman sarcophagi.
  • La Força Vella: it was built in the 1st century BC by order of the Roman Empire. It is an imposing walled fortress of about 800 metres long.

What to see in the Province of Girona?

The province of Girona is a region of contrasts, a place where the mountains and the sea mingle to create a magical landscape. It seems impossible to visit all the sights in the province, as it has a wide cultural and landscape offer. However, if you want to spend dome days at Camping Senia Cala Canyelles, we recommend that you visit these places of the Costa Brava:
  • The City of Girona: as we said, it is a city full of history and culture that is reflected in its streets.

  • Tossa de Mar: it is one of the quintessential towns of the Costa Brava, a place where tradition and culture go hand in hand with an impressive landscape.

  • Rupit: It is a small medieval village in the inlands where you can enjoy nature. It is perfect for hiking enthusiasts as there are many itineraries for different levels.

  • Palamós: it is a charming fishing village, with unspoilt coves all around it.

  • Begur: it is a picturesque town with bays and beautiful beaches.

  • Besalú: located in the interior of the province, this town is distinguished by its medieval historical-artistic complex which is considered one of the best preserved in Catalonia.

Camping en Girona - Cala Canyelles
Camping en Girona - Cala Canyelles
Camping en Girona - Cala Canyelles
Camping en Girona - Cala Canyelles
Camping en Girona - Cala Canyelles
Camping en Girona - Cala Canyelles