Tossa de Mar

Camping Senia Cala Canyelles is just a 10-minute drive from the centre of Tossa de Mar. This ancient village is located on the coast of Girona, halfway between the city of Barcelona and the French border. Tossa de Mar is an old fishers village with a great historical background. Now converted into an emblematic touristic destination of the Costa Brava for more than half a century, it is without any doubt one of the places you do not want to miss when you stay at Senia Cala Canyelles.

It is a village where the history of its streets perfectly combine with the force of its landscapes. In other words, this quaint town on the Costa Brava is not only a place of sun and sea, it is also perfect for medieval culture lovers. The most famous place in Tossa de Mar is its castle, perched on a cliff next to the sea, and its imposing, perfectly preserved walls.

What to visit in Tossa de Mar?

  • Tossa Castle: it is located on top of an imposing cliff, next to the sea. In addition, some high walls surround the Old town, creating the feeling that time stands still. From the top of the castle you have some of the best views of the Costa Brava: on one side the Vila Vella and on the other, the sea and the coast of the Costa Brava. Both the castle and the walls date from the 12th to 14th century.

  • Barrio Sa Roqueta: for history buffs, we invite you to discover the most medieval Tossa. One of the most characteristic places is the Sa Roqueta district. A traditional fishing district that has now been transformed by the wide range of restaurants and leisure activities. However, there are still relics of its history, such as the Church of San Vicente, which was built in 1755.

  • Villa Vella: “On the other side of the walls”. It is the oldest part of the city, protected by the walls that once belonged to the county of Barcelona. Once there, the houses strike you, most still having their stone facades in perfect condition. Without a doubt a perfect place to stroll the narrow cobbled streets of the village.

  • Villa Romana dels Ametllers: it is located in the town of Tossa and was considered one of the most important towns in the ancient province of Tarraco. We can divide the city in two parts: on the one hand, the urban and highest part where the gentry lived. In this area, the hot springs and swimming pool stand out. On the other side, in the lower area, is where you will find the warehouses and industries that supplied the city. Some of the most important archaeological remains of the Villa can be visited in the museum of Tossa de Mar.

  • The lighthouse: It is one of the most modern lighthouses of the coast of Girona and was built in 1919. During your visit to Tossa de Mar you should visit this place as you can see an impressive view of the sea from there.

What to do in Tossa de Mar?

  • Camino de ronda: one of the best parts of this well-known hiking route is without any doubt the one that runs from Cala Canyelles to Tossa de Mar. A path that follows the coastline, full of cliffs and viewpoints, up to this charming town.

  • Sun and sea: one of the reasons why Tossa is one of the main tourist destinations in Catalonia is its coves and beaches. Among them, the Cala Pola, Cala Futadera or Cala Llevadó stand out. Although our creek, Cala Canyelles, is very close to Tossa de Mar, it belongs to Lloret de Mar.

  • Gastronomy: in Tossa de Mar you’ll find dozens of restaurants where you can taste the delicious dishes of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine. An exceptional place to enjoy dishes such as paella, fideua, or  fresh fish.

  • Tourist train: Another way to get to know this town is to get on the tourist train that runs through the main streets of the village and shows the essential places of Tossa de Mar.

Camping en Tossa de Mar - Cala Canyelles
Camping en Tossa de Mar - Cala Canyelles
Camping en Tossa de Mar - Cala Canyelles
Camping en Tossa de Mar - Cala Canyelles