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Guided activities

A part of our animation team are fitness professionals. This will allow you to stay fit and healthy during the entire holiday. Because Senia Cala Gogo is a campsite that offers all kinds of lessons:

  • Aerobic: dance to the beat of the music while exercising, practice your coordination and orientation, etc.
  • Pilates: stretch, strengthen and balance both body and mind. Enjoy Pilates exercises by the sea.
  • Yoga: The world of yoga is endless, so we want you to practice it while on holidays. With yoga you return to your essence, to experience your holiday in a different way.
  • Zumba: Move your whole body in our intense and fun Zumba classes. Stop counting and let the rhythm guide you.
You can also enjoy our Poolbiking session. Try it!
Guided activities at the beach Camping Senia Cala Gogo
Guided activities at Camping Senia Cala Gogo
Guided classes Cala Gogo beach