L'Escala is one of the areas that are most aked for by tourists traveling to the Costa Brava. It is a city full of life and with a wide variety of monuments and activities, and a beautiful coastline. The campsite is only 10 kilometres away from the city center, so if you come on a holiday to Senia Riu, L'Escala is for sure a must.

What should I visit in L'Escala?
  • Seafront promenade: It extends over an area of ​​almost two kilometres along the spacious beach and connects the old town to the area of ​​Riells. It is the perfect place to take a leisurely stroll and breathe in the ocean breeze.

  • The Little Prince: It is a sculpture dedicated to the literary work "Le Petit Prince". It is a statue of the little prince watching the sunrise of the Costa Brava every day.

  • Ruins of Empúries: Right next to the city are the ruins of Empúries. One of the most important discoveries of Greek and Roman cultures of the peninsula.

  • Old town: narrow and old streets full of little shops and a short walk from the beach. Some of the most notable places include the Church of Sant Pere, Casa del Gavià, La Caravela, Can Maranges, Alfolí de la Sal, etc. 

  • Fish Interpretation Center: It brings us closer to the world of fishing in a visual and interactive way. Through a permanent exhibition we learn about the daily life of the fishermen, sometimes there are also fish auctions. The MARAM also offers gastronomic days, fish tastings, etc.

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