Lloret de Mar

Senia Tucan is a campsite in Lloret de Mar, specifically in the urbanization of Fenals, a quiet family-friendly area. The campsite is located about 15 or 20 minutes from the centre of Lloret de Mar, a place with a wide range of leisure activities and shops, perfect for walking and shopping.

Despite the great life in Lloret de Mar, Camping Senia Tucan is a quiet place designed for family holidays.

Obviously, if you come to Camping Tucan you have to visit Lloret de Mar, a town with a lot of history, culture and spectacular places to visit. Before your visit, it would come handy to know a little bit more about the history of this small town, and for this we have to go back many years ago. Specifically at the end of the 14th century, when the youth of the poorest families of this fishing village decided to change history and go on an adventure in search of a better future in America. After a few years these young people decided to return to Lloret and many did so along with a great fortune harvested on the new continent.

These were called "Indianos" and were responsible for most of the monuments currently preserved in the city. Some of their investments included the Church of Sant Romà (1916), and Casa Font, the home of one of those wealthy young men returning from America.

What can you visit in Lloret de Mar with the family?

In addition to the places mentioned above, there are several places to visit. For example the Gardens of Sant Clotilde, a charming place located by the sea and full of flowers and vegetation.

And you cannot leave without visiting Sant Joan Castle, located between the beaches of Fenals and Lloret de Mar. It is accessible from the walking route and has very nice views.

Camping en Lloret de Mar-Tucan
Camping en Lloret de Mar-Tucan (Costa Brava)
Camping en Lloret de Mar-Tucan-paseo de lloret