Tossa de Mar

Undoubtedly one of the emblem villages of the Costa Brava and Catalonia. It is a place of family tourism where history filters through the fringes of the sea, forming a unique cultural and natural space. A combination that you should definitely not miss when visiting us.

Once at the campsite, we can inform you about how to get there. However, if you don't have a car or don't want to rent one, the best option is the bus as the stop is right outside Camping Senia Tucan.

Family tourism

Tossa de Mar is a quiet and cosy town where you can enjoy the peace and the sea on the long and charming promenade. Although it is true that in this village you will find a wide range of restaurants and small shops where you also can spend a pleasant afternoon doing shopping.

In addition to the uniqueness and beauty of this town, which is very close to Camping Tucan, you can enjoy multiple family activities such as amusement parks, water activities, cycling routes, hiking, etc.

Tossa de Mar, cultural tourism

A day in Tossa is like a journey into the past, about 8 centuries ago. When you walk these streets you realize that there is something special, something that reminds you of another era as if you were in a movie.

Places such as the Vila Vella, an old medieval district guarded by impressive walls, with narrow streets and stone alleys full of colourful flowers.

And of course we cannot speak of Tossa de Mar without talking about its imposing castle, located on the highest point just above Vila Vella, and always watching over the sea and the city. The castle has on one side the Mediterranean Sea and an impressive cliff from which you can contemplate the coastline for miles. On the other side of the castle you will find a beautiful view over the village of Tossa and its Villa Vella.

Tossa de Mar and its natural environment

Tossa de Mar is the perfect place for those nature-loving families who want to spend a perfect day on the Costa Brava. You will find beautiful bays such as Cala Futadera, which has been perfectly preserved and is very quiet. It has more than 100 metres of sand and the colour of the water stands out because of the turquoise blue. It is quite difficult to reach this place so it maintains its entire splendour even in July and August.

Camping cerca de Tossa de Mar -Tucan
Camping cerca de Tossa de Mar -Tucan
Camping cerca de Tossa de Mar -Tucan
Camping cerca de Tossa de Mar -Tucan
Camping cerca de Tossa de Mar -Tucan