Senia Caballo de Mar is a campsite with a restaurant to suit all tastes. Holidays are for relax and joy, so don't worry because this time we will cook for you. And we cook very well indeed...

Our restaurant is located directly at the entrance of the campsite and next to the new Splash area, and we have all kinds of dishes to convince all kinds of tastes: rice, fish, meat, fast food and so much more...

Take a look at our menu here.

What time? That doesn’t matter!

Is there anything better than not setting the alarm before going to bed? In the restaurant of Senia Caballo de Mar, we do not want you to worry about being late, so we keep the kitchen open all day.

In addition, we have different shows every weekend in low season and every evening in high season, that will not leave anyone indifferent. From acrobats to live music, Disco, juggling, musicals, magicians and many more surprises.

Camping and full board

And if you don't want to cook at all this holiday, we have the option to book half board or even full board:

  • Half board includes a delicious breakfast and lunch or dinner.
  • Full board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.
To enjoy the holidays, you need to recharge your batteries, so we recommend that you forget about cooking and fully enjoy these days.
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