Discover the best campsites in Lloret de Mar

Campsites in Lloret de Mar

Here you can discover the best campsites in Lloret de Mar or near Lloret. An ideal place to enjoy an unforgettable family vacation. Lloret de Mar is one of the most visited towns on the entire Costa Brava, and Lloret de Mar is one of those places with something special and unique:
  • On the one hand, if you are looking for a campsite to go with children, in Lloret de Mar there is a wide range of campsites designed for your family.
  • On the other hand, the town is full of places of leisure, restaurants and has a wide range of activities for the whole family.
Without any doubt, you are not wrong if you choose a campsite in Lloret de Mar for the holidays. Lloret de Mar will conquer you with its virgin beaches with turquoise waters where the sun is reflected every day, drawing a unique summer picture.

We must also highlight the unbeatable location of this fishing village located on the shores of the sea, south of the Costa Brava.

Holidays in Lloret de Mar

In addition to a wide range of leisure activities, Lloret de Mar has a fascinating history and culture, which is reflected in each of the streets of the town centre. If you are thinking of booking a hotel or camping site in Lloret this holiday, you must first know its history as this will help you understand the architecture of its streets and best-known houses. This story begins in the 14th century, when a group of young people embarked on an adventure to “Las Indias” (America). Over the years these young people came back with great fortunes that they would invest in the remodelling of the town. From this modulation some of those places that you cannot miss in Lloret de Mar would emerge.

Camping with children in Lloret de Mar

If you are looking for a camping pitch or a bungalow in Lloret de Mar and you are traveling with children, you are not in the wrong place. Well, this well-known town at the south of the Costa Brava houses a multitude of activities for the little ones to have a great time. In addition, most of the campsites in Lloret have a great range of entertainment and activities so that boredom is never an option:

  • Mini-Club: It is a place within the campsite where the kids can play, paint and color with the help of our animation team.
  • Mini-Disco: Most of the campsites for children in Lloret de Mar include the Mini Disco as their main activity. A moment in which the little ones of the house together with their parents dance the funniest songs of the summer.
  • Children’s shows: At dusk the lights on the stages of the Lloret de Mar campsites light up to welcome the stars of the night: magic, acrobatics, musicals, trivial, etc .
  • Dances: This vacation in Lloret de Mar you will bring out the dancer inside you with activities such as aquagym, zumba, and many more
  • Games: Every day the animation team organises different activities to play with children and adults

Camping with teenagers in Lloret de Mar

We know that it is sometimes difficult to hit the key and choose a vacation that the whole family likes, however, a vacation in a hotel or on a campsite in Lloret de Mar is an option that can please everyone. In this selection of campsites in Lloret, you will always find sports activities in which teenagers too can enjoy unforgettable holidays. In addition, in the centre of Lloret de Mar you will find multiple leisure offers both during the day and at night:

  • Jumping: Jump from more than 100 meters and feel all the adrenaline
  • Water World: It is a spectacular water park located in the town of Lloret. It has multiple jumps and slides with which to enjoy a pleasant and different day with family or friends
  • Kayak: Sail through the most beautiful coves in the south of the Costa Brava, such as Cala Canyelles and Cala Sa Boadella. The latter is known to be one of the best beaches in Spain.
  • Boat Routes: Get to know the Catalan coasts like never before, on an authentic sailing catamaran. Discover the aggressive and rocky landscapes that draw the Costa Brava, this time from the sea.
  • Quads Routes: An activity designed for motor and speed lovers

As you can see in Lloret de Mar you will not get bored. In addition to these activities there are many more you can find out at the campsite reception. Without a doubt, a camping holiday with teenagers in Lloret de Mar can be unforgettable.

It should be noted that campsites such as Sènia Tucan or Sènia Cala Canyelles are campsites very close to Lloret de Mar, but at the same time they are far from the centre: the Tucan is located in the urbanization of Fenals, and Cala Canyelles at the exit to Tossa de Mar. This allows great tranquillity and a great family atmosphere.

What to see in Lloret de Mar?

Culture and history of Lloret...

In this charming town you will be able to know and experience the Mediterranean culture in the purest Catalan style. Let us advise you on what to see and do during your days in Lloret de Mar:

  • Visit the Gardens of Santa Clotilde located on a small hill with stunning views of the sea and the Cala Sa Boadella. These gardens date back to 1919, when the Marquis of Roviralta commissioned this spectacular work from the young architect Nicolau Maria Rubió. It is undoubtedly one of those places that you cannot miss, unique gardens full of colourful plants with the Mediterranean Sea in the background
  • Discover Castillo d´en Platja, an imposing 11th century fortification, located on a large rocky outcrop next to the Sea. A few centuries ago the castle served to defend the lands known as Loredo, however today it is a great tourist attraction and its image is one of the most photographed in Costa brava. In addition, right next to the castle is one of those magical places that you must visit, “Cala Banys”, a rocky beach of great beauty where you can relax and evade at the bar located a few meters away
  • Take a walk by the Camino de Ronda: It is a road formerly used by the Guardia Civil who patrolled the coast. It is currently one of the most famous routes in Catalonia for hiking. In Lloret de Mar you will find one of the most prestigious routes, where you can enjoy unique landscapes, places drawn by the rocks and the sea. So if this vacation you go to a campsite in Lloret de Mar or another town on the coast, you must see some of the routes on the Camino de Ronda
  • Get to know first-hand the importance of “the Americas” for this small fishing village in Lloret de Mar. Discover Casa Fonts or the spectacular Sant Romà Church (1916).
  • Visit the Sea Museum: For lovers of the sea and its history this is a perfect place to discover the curious stories that have passed through the town of Lloret. Here you will be able to know first-hand the importance and repercussion of "the Americas" for the inhabitants of this unique place. At any reception of a campsite in Lloret you can request more information about the museum

Surrounding villages

As you can see on a holiday in Lloret de Mar, neither you nor your family will have time for boredom. In addition, very close to Lloret there are other charming towns and villages on the Costa Brava that you should visit.

Among them we must highlight the magical town of Tossa de Mar, just a few minutes by car from Lloret. It is a medieval town on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It stands out for its imposing castle located on the top of a cliff, from where you can appreciate the immensity and beauty of the sea.

We must also talk about the town of Blanes, also very close to Lloret de Mar and best known for being the gateway to the Costa Brava. In this small fishing village there is one of the most famous celebrations of the entire Costa Brava "The fireworks of Blanes". A contest that brings together the most prestigious lovers of pyrotechnics that light up the nights of Blanes on the last days of July.

Campings in Lloret de mar

Now it's up to you to choose, here we leave you with the best campsites in Lloret de Mar.