Sènia Campsites Group

A Creative mind

We want to surprise you every year!

We work in such a way that every season is different, better, perfect. In short, we want to make it unforgettable.

Year after year we think about how we can improve our facilities and services, how we can make you smile when you come to visit us. Smile and have fun like a child. More slides, more pools, more entertainment, more restaurants, more and better accommodations, more excitement!

The pillars of Senia are based on quality and innovation in both our services and our facilities. We know that after a long year you expect a lot from your holiday, so every year we promise to improve to surprise you:

  • Goodbye queues! We created an online check-in system. This way you only have to collect the keys to your accommodation on arrival and you have everything ready to officially start your holiday. For pitches, just let us know you’ve arrived.
  • Accommodation with optical fibre and Smart TV! Some of our bungalows have their own smart TV connected to the internet via optical fibre so you can use your subscription to your favourite digital platform (Netflix, HBO, Movistar, Amazon prime, DAZN). Keep watching your favourite series during your vacation.
  • We want to be closer to you! Current communication systems such as WhatsApp and Chat.
  • Luxury bungalows of more than 60m2! For those who prefer a lot of space in their accommodation, we have the Bungalows Aire, Vista, Vista Plus, Ona.
  • Endless fun! Senia means pleasure and vitality. For this reason, we have impressive water facilities at most campsites.
  • Giant screens! At all our campsites we have giant screens for dancing lessons and choreographies, shows, practicing sports or watch sports broadcasts like never before.
  • Delivery: we bring the food from the restaurant directly to your accommodation or pitch.
  • Accommodation with roof terrace. We have luxury ONA TOP bungalows with a practical and exclusive terrace/solarium on the roof, with sunbeds for sunbathing and a shower for cooling off.
  • Accommodations with Jacuzzi! For those who seek relaxation and tranquillity during their holidays, we have our Mobile Home Terra with a whirlpool bath inside.

You dream of the holidays, we dream of your smile.