Know the best campsites of Girona

Campsites in Girona

Girona is an emblematic city of Catalonia, with a great cultural, historical and natural wealth. Here you will be able to discover the campsites in Girona. It is also the name of the province where this city is located.

To fully enjoy the province of Girona, whose breathtaking beauty and natural diversity is a must see ,camping is the best option. In fact, whether you choose an accommodation and its comfort, or camping with a tent under the stars, you will be in the middle of nature, between the sea and its mountains.
Camping sites in Girona with children

Whether you like the sea or the mountains, swimming pools with slides or quiet coves, the fun city, or calm nature, a luxury bungalow or a plot for your caravan... You will find the accommodation you need in a campsite in Girona.

At the end of this article, we point out our selection of the best campsites near Girona. But first, let us make you a short list of our favorite options for an unforgettable vacation in Girona with children.

Bungalows in Girona

First, let's look at the bungalow or mobile home type of accommodations, which are authentic vacation cottages for your family.

If you need the best and most comfort possible, with TV and air conditioning, you can book luxurious bungalows in Girona, like this 58m2 Bungalow Vista Plus with ocean views, or the Terra with its private jacuzzi and its roof window for stargazing.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more economical while still enjoying the environment and facilities of a camping resort in Girona, we recommend an equipped tent a few steps away from the beach in a campsite with 6 swimming pools; or this bungalow with A/C, which you may need in the summer of Lloret de Mar.

Finally, for those who prefer something in between, i.e. the best value for money. Let yourself be seduced by the Glamping Safari for a different kind of vacation in the middle of nature in an accommodation between a tent and a bungalow. And why not, a colorful mobile home in a more urban environment.

Camping sites in Girona

The most traditional campers will be delighted: whether you come with a tent, caravan, campervan, motorhome or van, you will find the ideal place to camp in Girona.

The campsites Sènia Cala Canyelles, Tucan, Cala Gogo and Riu are campsites near Girona with everything you need for a carefree vacation with family or friends. They have restaurants with half board, supermarkets, clean toilets, swimming pools and water slides, entertainment for all ages, and much more. You only have to think for a minute about what interests you and your family, between swimming pools, beaches, rivers, the city... and you will be able to choose what best suits your needs.

Indeed, each of them has different sized plots, most of them with electricity already included, and most of them also with water supply. You only need to enter the dates of your stay in the search engine at the top of this page to discover all the available possibilities in the best campsites around Girona. It's that easy!

Your trip to Girona

Now, once you have chosen your campsite, do you know what to do in Girona? Maybe you're coming for just a weekend, or several weeks of vacation. Here’s a proposed selection of things to see and do in Girona: adapt your list according to what interests you!

Sites to visit in Girona

If you are not going to stay long in our beautiful province, let us at least advise you with some things you should see if you are going to visit Girona in one day.

  • L’Onyar: is the river that crosses Girona, starting point of the emblematic postcard of the city. Along this river there are houses with colorful facades that seem to float. One of them, Casa Masó, is open for visits. By going upstream, you will pass by different bridges of different aesthetics. One of them, the Pont de les Peixateries Velles (between Rambla de la Llibertat and Carrer Santa Clara), was built by the Eiffel house (the same as the Tower of Paris, yes!).
  • The walls: the Roman walls of Girona were extended in the Middle Ages. It is possible to go along its walkway,the accessible parts are the largest in Europe. Stop at the different towers to appreciate wonderful views.
  • The Força vella: this fortress was the first perimeter of the city, protected by high rock walls built by the Romans in the 1st century BC. Inside the Força Vella, the Jewish quarter is one of the best-preserved quarters in Europe, with its maze of narrow streets that take you back to the Middle Ages.
  • The Cathedral: an iconic monument of Girona, in the heart of the Força Vella. Built in the 11th and 12th century, it mixes Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque styles. You will surely recognize its imposing facade and its endless staircase, part of the scene of Game of Thrones. Its Gothic nave is the widest in the world.
  • The Arab baths: of Roman construction, this place is inspired by the Roman baths. Its central basin is protected by a dome supported by ornate columns.
  • La Pujada de Sant Domenec: this is the characteristic entrance to the church of the old monastery of Sant Martí. Some scenes of the famous series Game of Thrones were also filmed here.
  • The basilica of Sant Feliu: it was the first Cathedral of Girona in the 10th century. Its bell tower is an iconic image of the city. It resembles a castle, and has an art collection which include, among other things, pagan sarcophagi.
  • Parque de les Ribes del Ter y Devesa: A park of more than 40 hectares with its own botanical garden. Sports, cultural, social and economic events are held there throughout the year. Above all, you can have an appointment with nature there: whether you're following a guided tour or exploring its corners, stop a moment for a quiet break or a picnic.

Holidays in Girona with children

If you are lucky enough to spend more than just a weekend in a campsite in Girona, you will have the opportunity to do activities and discover wonderful places. This is not only in the capital, but in the whole province.

For starters, a good option for a reconnaissance tour of the city of Girona is an orientation circuit (this one is proposed by the Tourist Office) or an Escape Game. It allows a change from the typical walk with your eyes glued to Google Maps: a good way to spend a moment with the family.

Then, once your orientation skills are sharpened, take your time. A stroll through the streets allows you to observe the architecture while being enveloped by the medieval atmosphere of the place. Take a stroll through the small hidden stores, where you will find some souvenirs. And of course, stop for lunch or a drink in one of the different establishments of the Rambla de la Llibertat. This street is the ideal setting for a break between the ancient stone arches and the modernity of this city.

On the other hand, we have already mentioned some places to visit in Girona where sceneries of the Series Game of Thrones were filmed. Girona was the back-theater of several partsof the series: Bravoos, King's Landing, and also Antigua. So, in many corners you can have a feeling of déjà vu: Arya Stark begging for the street Bisbe Josep Cartañà or watching a play in the Plaça dels Jurats; Jaime Lannister riding up the stairs of the Cathedral, or Samwell Tarley in the Library of the Citadel, represented by the monastery of Sant Pere de Galligats.

Also, depending on the time of the year you’re visiting, you could attend a nice event in the city. Among others, we recommend the 23rd of April, the Diada de Sant Jordi, a Catalan tradition based on a legend. On that day, many stores in the city, but also children and associations, take out a little table in the street to sell books and roses, the right gifts for your better half. Another wonderful moment in Girona is the Temps de Flors festival taking place mid-May, for 10 days its monuments and gardens are adorned with bold and enchanting floral arrangements.

To get out of the city, many activities and places for all tastes and all ages await you in the province of Girona. For example, in the Empordà region, between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees, a region famous for its AOC vineyards. The Empordà Wine Route: with about 300 wineries, you will be spoilt for choice, and you will be able to taste many fine wines. Guided tours, bike tours, tastings with menus prepared with Catalan products... Choose your formula but think about saving some room for the bottles you will take with you.

Finally, did you think we would never talk about the beach? The coast of the province of Girona is largely composed of the Costa Brava. A coast blessed by the sun and the Mediterranean, with cliffs ideal for panoramic views, filled with beaches and coves with turquoise waters, some accessible only by sea. The Costa Brava is the ideal place for a relaxing vacation in the sun. Don't overfill your planning and take advantage of your stay in a Girona campsite on the beach to spend privileged moments with your family.