The Management and the staff of the Camping welcome you and wish you a pleasant stay.

Sènia Campings Regulations


  • 1. ACCESS

    Access to the campsite and  use of its services is reserved for those who have booked their stay.

    The Camping Management reserves the right of admission, ccess to the campsite and the use of its services is reserved for those who have booked their stay there.

    The camping management reserves the right to cancel contract with campers who disturb the peace, fail to comply with the elementary rules of social coexistence and education and, in general, do not respect the principles of civilized life as established this Official Regulation and the FCC Internal Camping Regime.

    1.2 Safety: In order to improve the security and quality of our service, access to the

    campsite and the use of its facilities will be exclusively for customers wearing our identification bracelet.

    1.3 Bracelets: At the check in we require all the booker’s presence, as the bracelets given are for personal and non-transferable use.

    1.4 Pets: Guests must inform when registering if they own a pet, in which case they must register it in the contract declaring its breed, and accepting the current legislation as well as the campsite’s regulation specified in the contract.

    At  Sènia Cala Gogo, pets are not allowed during the high season. Check dates on the website or ask the campsite. See more

    information about  dogs at the campsite in point 13.


    The contract will be signed by the guest accepting its content. Any modification must be informed to reception immediately.

    The booking’s holder must have reached legal age, show a valid ID or passport and will be responsible for every act or damage that may be caused.   

    Bookings must be paid for before arrival. Stays without a previous reservation must be paid at the arrival.

    3. Pitches

    3.1 Arrival

    Booking’s check in will be from 13:00h

    Campers must always use the same pitch number, previously given. Even given the case that the arrival happens later, or check out before, the guest must pay for the booked stay.

    The Pitch must be vacated before 12:00 on the departure day.

    3.2 Rules to follow for its correct placement.

    Only when the pitch number is given as well as the contract, will the guest be able to occupy his plot. It is strictly forbidden to change the given pitch

    without prior confirmation from reception. In case of wanting to lengthen your

    stay you must request and get reception’s approval.


    4.1 Arrival

    Arrivals should be within 16:00 and 21:00

    The campsites may ask for a 100€ deposit, as a warranty for possible damage in the accommodation. This amount will be fully returned at check out once the accommodation has been checked

    3.2 Specific accommodation rules

    The accommodation will only be occupied once the guest has received the contract with the housing number.

    Pets are not allowed in the

    bungalows and / or mobile homes except when specifically indicated. It’s not allowed to

    place any kind of tent (for example, for children). Maximum occupancy per accommodation according to chosen type. For safety reasons it is completely forbidden to exceed the number of occupants

     for the booked type of accommodation. An infant or child counts as an extra person.

    Only the accommodation and the previously indicated pitch shall be occupied.


    Bookings should be paid for before arrival. Arrivals without a previous booking should be paid at check in. Once your accommodation is confirmed, this stay should be fully paid, even though due to any circumstances the arrival happens to be later or check out before the planned booking.

     Accomodations should be vacated by 11:00.


    6.1 Visiting clients staying at the campsite. Only visiting family or friends staying on the campsite will be allowed.

    Free visits will not last longer than 1 hour, and a valid identification document will be required at reception.

    Visitor are not allowed to use the campsite’s facilities. After the first hour, this visit will be subjected to the current rate.  All visitors should report to reception in order to get access to the area.

    Visitors who wish to use the facillities will be able to do after payment and will be identified with the campsite’s bracelet.

    6.2 Vehicles

    Visitors are not allowed to enter their car or vehicle in the campsite. Parking on site will always be subjected to rate and availability.  


    Maximum speed allowed is limited to 10 km / h.

    From 00:00 to 07:00 at some campsites and from 00:00 to 08:00 at others, car circulation will be banned.

    Please verify this schedule at the campsite upon arrival.

    The use of motorized and / or electric scooters is forbidden to youngsters under 16 years  such as use of mini-motorcycles or


    Any vehicle disturbing by excessive noise will be prohibited.

    7.1 Vehicles not subjected to any rate will not be allowed on site.

    7.2 Parking at the entrance.

    Car park is exclusively for campsite’s guests.

    The Camping offers the possibility to park at the parking lot at the entrance from

    00h. as long as there is space, without blocking the entrance and / or exit of other cars.

    The night guard will keep you informed about  the

    occupancy of the parking lot.


    Hours between 00:00 and 8:00 are considered of rest, and in order to respect other guests, appliances such as TV’s or radio’s volume shall be turned down.


    Campsite’s fountains supply drinking water so they are for exclusive water collecting use. For obvious hygiene reasons it is not allowed to use the fountains for any personal hygiene purpose neither laundry, washing kitchen ware or slippers etc.

    Neither will any kind of waste be emptied in them.


    It is forbidden to dump it on the ground or in the fountains. Only the chemical toilets located in the sanitary blocks

    are intended for this purpose.

    11. MINICLUB

    The use of the miniclub is for children from 04 to 12 years old, upon registration. Children will enjoy the activities free of charge.

    It is NOT a daycare and thus parents must be reachable at any time


    It is mandatory to shower before diving into the pool. All children under 12 years and

    anyone under 18 years  or dependent person who cannot swim must be accompanied by

    an adult who assumes all responsibility.

    12.1 Sunbeds: The use of sunbeds is for the entire clientele of the Camping. Please bear in mind that a civilized and respectful behavior to each other is required for everyone to enjoy.  

    It's expressly forbidden to reserve the sunbeds when you are not in the pool area; the campsite reserves the right to place personal belongings in a common deposit at the pool area when found on a sunbed not being used,  and thus not respecting the previously mentioned rule.  

    12.2 Use of mats and floats:

    Mats are not allowed in any of the pools, while floats are allowed In the children’s pool

    12.3 Balls in the pool:

    Its use is only allowed in the children’s pool and during games organized by the animation team.

    12.4 Using goggles:

    Diving goggles are allowed as long as they are not made of glass or other material that may break.

    12.5 It is strictly prohibited in all pools:

    Bathing with a shirt, underwear, shoes, towels, clothing in general and other objects. The use of

    water guns. Using a  bicycle or scooter in the pool area. Jumping headfirst into the water. The use of

    t-shirts in the pool by prescription is allowed and so is the use of a “burkini” approved for

    women whose religion prevents them from wearing a bathing suit or bikini.

    12.6 Pets: Pets are not allowed in the pool area.  

    12.7 Slides: It is only allowed to go down the slide one at a time and seated forward.

    It is forbidden to obstruct the slide and stop in the middle of it. Please respect the schedules and

    specific rule posters.


    Pets should never be left unattended or without a line.  The access or prohibition to access  the different establishments may be

    indicated at the entrance  and / or on the website. If they are allowed, it is imperative that

    the owner of the animal  provides an updated vaccination card.  Not  presenting this card may imply that the animal will not be allowed on the campsite

    which will be no reason to modify or cancel the booking.

    When the dogs relieve themselves at the campsite, the waste must always be collected. They are not allowed in the bungalows / mobile-

    homes / glamping of the campsite, unless indicated otherwise. Dog breeds considered

    potentially dangerous are prohibited from entering the campsite (Akita Inu, American

    Staffordshire Terrier, Doberman, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Pitt Bull Terrier, Rottweiller,

    Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tosa Inu and others). The management reserves the right not to allow the

    entry or could banish  dogs that may be  considered to be misbehaving.

    14. GAMES / SPORTS

    In order to avoid inconvenience to other campers, these will be played in the  areas designedfor this purpose.

    The use of lasers and BB guns, as well as other dangerous games, is totally forbidden.

    15. BBQ

    Prior authorization signed at reception, and subject to the ALFA plan of the Generalitat de Catalunya,

    The use of gas or charcoal barbecues is allowed within the pitch as long as they are

    approved and flames do not exceed the height of the sides of the barbecue. Fire will never be made directly on the ground.

    The campsite management reserves the right to forbid the

    use of barbecues in a global or individualized way if considered  dangerous.


    16. GARBAGE

    The campsite does selective garbage collection. Please help to respect the environment

    using the containers intended for this purpose.


    The campsite is not responsible for theft within the campsite and the entry’s parking lot

    It will not be liable for damages that are not directly attributable to meteorological phenomena,

    natural causes, such as resin from trees, rain, wind, flood,

    etc. Nor if the client's vehicle is damaged by hitting curbs, trees, branches, etc.


    For safety reasons, the doors of the electricity cabinets must always remain

    closed. Electric cables must be grounded and must be properly

    isolated. Splices outside are not allowed. Each pitch has only one electricity outlet.


    Campers are asked to respect trees and plants and not allow anyone to mistreat them.

    It is forbidden to tie wires to trees or drive nails into them. Ropes may be tied, without

    tightening them too much and protecting the plant or tree.

    20. CARWASH

    If the campsite has a car wash, this will be the only place where it is allowed to wash them.

    This regulation is mandatory for everyone who has access to the campsite and

    for the common good of campers.

    We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.