Museum of Tourism

The Museum of Tourism is located on just 5 minutes from Campsite Caballo de Mar. It´s a new formula to show the history of tourism and its importance in our society. This new formula is based on a learning model in an attractive, didactic and participative way. It is currently the only tourism museum in the world.


What would you say if you could go around the world in just 40 minutes?


Well, this is possible, and you can do so without leaving the museum. If you visit it, you can go through the different rooms of the Mutur, where you will be part of an emotional connection with the trip and its importance. All this through the discovery of new ways of thinking and making the world of travel a way of life.


This museum is a tribute to the tourism sector, which is the main economic engine of the country and serves as a way to vindicate and publicize the culture and tradition of our people.
Museo del Turismo de Calella