Refresh yourself in our

Swimming Pool

Senia Caballo de Mar is a campsite with swimming pools for the whole family. You can swim laps in our large swimming pool, there is plenty of room!

For those who think that holidays are for enjoying and not exercising, it is also ideal to take a dip and just float for a while.

You can also relax in our hot tub area, or participate in our Aquagym classes.

Nice to freshen up!
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2-Camping_Caballo_de_Mar_Piscina20_Camping con piscinas
3-Camping_Caballo_de_Mar_Piscina33_Camping con piscinas
5-Camping_Caballo_de_Mar_Piscina16_Camping con piscinas
6-Camping_Caballo_de_Mar_Piscina15_Camping con piscinas
1-Camping_Caballo_de_Mar_Piscina11_Camping con piscinas en pineda de mar