Refresh yourself in our


Senia Caballo de Mar is a campsite with giant slides for the whole family. People of all ages will have a great time on these fun slides.

At Caballo de Mar you will certainly experience a different holiday, a very refreshing one!

Come jump in the water!

3-Camping_Caballo_de_Mar_Tobogan 21_Camping_con_Toboganes
7-Camping_Caballo_de_Mar_Tobogan 7_Camping_con_Toboganes
4-Camping_Caballo_de_Mar_Tobogan 29_Camping_con_Toboganes
5-Camping_Caballo_de_Mar_Tobogan 30_Camping_con_Toboganes
6-Camping_Caballo_de_Mar_Tobogan 32_Camping_con_Toboganes
2-Camping_Caballo_de_Mar_Tobogan 27_Camping_con_Toboganes