Dalí Museum

Located in Figueras, just 20km away from Sant Pere Pescador, you can visit this cultural excursion if you are in the area.

Even if you haven't visited it yet, you will surely have seen pictures of this museum and its original architecture: dressed in red with golden ornaments, its tower and its walls have sculptures of eggs above them that seem to be in balance, as if they could fall at any moment.

The Dalí Theater-Museum, inaugurated in 1974, was completely designed by the artist Salvador Dalí. Entering this museum is a timeless experience, filled with works by Dalí and other artists.

As it was conceived by Salvador Dalí, the museum also houses paintings, installations and sculptures expressly made by him to be permanently exhibited.

You can start with a tour through the museum thanks to the virtual tour that they propose on their website, but we advise you not to look at anything before, to be able to surprise you better when you go to visit in person.