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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the check in and out time of the pitches?

The check in is from 12:00h, if you arrive a little earlier and the plot is free you can also come in. The departure time is also at 12:00h.

Can you leave the plot later? And the campsite?

The check out time is at 12:00h, if you want to leave the pitch later, you must check availability at the reception, the same day you leave the campsite.

For more precise information (cost, timetables, conditions...), you can consult the Late Check Out questions in the "miscellaneous questions" section.

Are there seasonal pitches?

Yes, at the Sènia campsites there are some specific offers for long stays.

Can you barbecue on the pitch?

Normally yes, it is only  forbidden when there is risk of fire.

Barbecues of wood are not allowed on any of our campsites. At Campsite Sènia Cala Canyelles, only gas barbecues are allowed

Can I choose a specific pitch?

Of course! With MySpace you can choose the camping pitch that you want.

How can I choose the pitch for me?

If you already know the campsite, you just have to write the number you like in the comments section below your booking.  But if it´s the first time or you need advice, you can call us on +34 972 65 15 64 and we will help you choose the perfect place for your vacation.

Is the ACSI card accepted?

Yes, all the Sènia Group campsites are ACSI members.

What are Sènia Cheques?

It is the cheapest way to enjoy Sènia with all the services for only € 22 /night.  See more information here

What is the check in and check out time in the accommodations (Bungalows, Glampings, and Mobile Homes)?

Check in is from 16:00, if you arrive a little earlier and the accommodation is clean you can also enter. If the accommodation isn´t clean,  you can enjoy the facilities. The departure time is  at 11:00.

Can I leave the accommodation later? And the campsite?

The departure time is at 11:00, if you want to leave the accommodation later, you must check the availability at the reception, on the same day of your arrival at the campsite (The costs depend on the season)

As for staying at the campsite, when you arrive at the reception you must check the availability. In this way we ensure that the campsite never gets to full. (The costs depend on the season)

Are there accommodations for the whole season?

We do not have accommodations to offer seasonal stays in any of our campsites.

Do the accommodations include bedlinnen and towels?

It depends on the accommodation’s category . At the Sènia campsites we divide the accommodations into categories: 5 Senis (Luxury), 4 Senis (Standard) and 3 Senis (Singles). All the 5 Senis and Glamping accommodations include sheets. Towels are never included.

If you wish, you can bring sheets and towels from home or rent them for € 2 / person and night the sheets and for € 2 / person and night the towels.

Are pillows included in the accommodations?

Yes, pillows are included in all accommodations.

What is the size of the bed in the accommodations?

Normally the measures of the double beds are 150cm and those the single beds 80 cm. Although it is true that these measurements vary in the accommodations of some campsites, therefore, you can check the exact measurements in the description of each accommodation.

What are 3 Seni, 4 Seni and 5 Seni accommodations?

These are the accommodation categories. The 3 Seni accommodations are simpler and the 4 and 5 Seni are more complete,
Some 5 Senis have a TV connected to the internet, a dishwasher, 2 showers, etc
And all the 5 senis have bedlinnen included.

Do the accommodations include kitchenware?

Yes, all Sènia accommodations have everything you need to cook: cutlery, pans, pottery, glasses, etc.

It should be noted that the superior accommodations (5 Senis), have a more complete and luxurious kitchenware.

Can I place a tent on the terrace of the accommodation?

It’s not allowed in any of the Sènia campsites, but there is the chance of booking accommodations with a tent pitch right next to it. Call us and we will inform you.

Can I exceed the capacity of the accommodation if it is a baby?

The accommodation’s capacity cannot be exceeded in any case.

Do I have to bring cleaning products?

Don't worry, when you arrive you will find a small welcome kit with dishwashing, scrubber, toilet paper roll, brush, dustpan, mop, etc. And if you need something else you will find it in the supermarket of the campsite.

Is there something that is not included in the reservation and that I should take from home?

In principle, all you need is the desire to have a great time in Sènia.

Does my accommodation include shampoo and gel?

All Sènia accommodations include Rituals shower gel and shampoo, except for accommodations without a bathroom (COCO, KENTIA, TENT...) and 4 Senis and 3 Senia accommodations at Camping Sènia Rupit.

And as an exclusivity of the 5 Senis accommodations, you will also find the body moisturizer, from the same Rituals range.

Can I add a person to the stay?

Yes, as long as the accommodation’s capacity is not exceeded. You can add someone by calling to us or at the online Check-in.

What documents do I need when I arrive at the campsite?

Even if you have checked in online your identity card or passport is mandatory. In case of coming with a pet, its documentation is also needed.

Are there bedspreads in the accommodations?

 Yes, and if you need more you can request them for free at the reception.

Do the glampings have a bathroom?

Yes, and not only a bathroom, as their name indicates they are glamourous and luxurious. The only Glampings that don´t have a bathroom are the coco, kentia and kentia plus.

Is it very hot inside the glamping?

It is true that although they are luxury tents, glampings  are more susceptible to heat and in peak sun hours they get hot. However, the flysheet allows air to flow to lower the temperature.

Why choose a Glamping?

Because it is a different and genuine way to enjoy nature without giving up luxury and comfort. Furthermore, these accommodations are fully equipped to enjoy an unforgettable and complete holiday with Sènia. Live the glamping experience, live Sènia!

¿Se admiten mascotas?

Depende del camping y del tipo de alojamiento:
  • Por un lado, en parcela se admiten las mascotas en todos los campings excepto en Cala Gogo en verano (En 2024 prohibidos del 12/07 al 23/08)
  • Por otro lado, en alojamientos se admiten en algunos campings como Camping Sènia Caballo de Mar (Bora Pets, Helia Plus Pets, Aura Pets, Bora Beach Pets), en Camping Sènia Riu (Mobil Home Marina), en Camping Sènia Cala Canyelles (Coco Sweet).

*No se admiten perros de raza peligrosa y máximo una mascota por estancia.

Can my pet walk without a leash?

No, your pet must always be leashed and it is forbidden to leave your pet alone in the accommodation or on the pitch.

Is the muzzle mandatory?

The muzzle is not mandatory

Can I block an accommodation without booking?

You cannot save the accommodations without making the reservation.

How much do I have to pay when I make the reservation?

To book it is necessary to pay 30% of the booking amount. In  case of booking by phone, email or WhatsApp, you have 5 days to make the payment.

When do I have to make the second payment?

15 days before the day of arrival at the campsite we will send you an email. With this email you have to check in online and pay the other 70%.

Is Check-in mandatory?

Yes, check-in must be done. You can do it by accessing your customer area or 15 days before your arrival you with the email we sent you.

Can I visit the campsite for just a day?

You are only allowed to enjoy the campsites facilities if you have a reservation or if someone you know is staying at the campsite.

Are visits allowed?

Yes, visits are allowed, although at some times during the season they can be limited in order to the capacity limits.

In the case of Campsite Caballo de Mar, visits are only allowed if the guests  have capacity in the bungalow or on the pitch.

How can I find out where my accommodation or pitch is?

To find out where you will be staying you can check  the maps of the campsites. If you want to know the exact accommodation or pitch number you must add the MySpace / MyHouse option and select the one you want.

Where can I find the map of the campsites?

You can check the maps of the campsites right here:

Sènia Tucan Map

Sènia Cala Canyelles Map

Sènia Rupit Map (soon)

Sènia a Cala Gogo Map

Sènia Riu Map

Sènia Caballo de Mar Map

Sènia Internacional Map

Is there Wi-Fi available on the campsites?

Yes, in all the Sènia Group campsites we have Wi-Fi. You can buy it at the reception.

How can I buy Sènia Cheques?

With the Sènia Cheques you save up to 50% on the price of the pitches. You can buy them by calling +34 972 65 15 64 or sending an email to info@senia.es.

When are the campsites open?

None of the Sènia Group campsites are open all year. The next openings are:
  • Sènia Tucan from 28/03/2024 until 29/09/2024
  • Sènia Cala Gogo from 27/04/2024 until 15/09/2024
  • Sènia Internacional de Calonge from 27/04/2024 until 15/09/2024
  • Sènia Riu from 28/03/2024 until 29/09/2024
  • Sènia Caballo de Mar from 28/03/2024 until 29/09/2024
  • Sènia Canyelles from 27/04/2024 until 29/09/2024

Are the pools and bathing areas open?

The pools and slides are opened from the opening of the campsite until the last day.

How can I see the schedules of all the services at the campsite?

On this website you find all the information you need about the campsite hours: www.senia.es/horarios

How can I modify my reservation?

You can enter your customer area and modify the details of your reservation. In case of cancellation or modification of dates, you can contact our customer service.

Can I cancel my booking?

If you add the Sènia cancellation guarantee to your booking, you can cancel your reservation for certain reasons. Here you will find all the information.

What does the Sènia cancellation guarantee cover?

Here you will find all the information.

Can I modify the dates of my reservation?

It depends on the ailability and the time remaining for your arrival. Call us on +34 972 65 15 64 our ask us by mail and we will sort it out for you.

Can I change the booking holder?

Yes, it is possible to change the name of the holder of the reservation or to give it to a family member or friend. The only thing we need is an email from both that certifies the consent of the change.

Can I arrive at the campsite at night?

In the event that you arrive and the reception is closed, don´t worry, the security will have the keys to your accommodation or the information of your pitch. But, if you arrive later than 00:00, you will not be able to access the campsite with your car or any other vehicle.

How can I access the Customer Area?

To be able to access you must have a reservation at one of the Sènia campsites or have had one in the last 3 years. If so, you must enter this page and register with the email with which you have also made the reservation.

What benefits do I get for being a Sènia Client?

By belonging to the Sènia family you will have access to our points program, which will get you several discounts on stays and Sènia services.

In addition, you will also be the first one to know all the news and raffles.

How can I get a point?

Points are accumulated with each reservation at a Sènia campsite. For every € 1 in stays, you accumulate 1 point.

How are the points calculated?

Very simple, € 1 = 1 Point.

For every € 1 in stays, you accumulate 1 point.

On what can I spend my points?

You can use your points for discounts on other stays or in the campsite services (Restaurants, kayak rental, bikes, etc.).

When do I have my points available?

The points will be available from 6 days after the Check Out.

Can I transfer my points?

No, the points are non-transferable. Unless the same family has several bookings in different accounts, in that case the points can be unified.

How much is 1 point worth?

Well, it depends on what you want to spend it on.

Do I have to give the details of all the companions?

Yes, during the online Check-in process you will be asked for the ID card or passport, and full name of all the members.

At the end of the process, you will be asked to pay the remaining part.

Do babies pay?

Babies from 0-3 years old do not pay in accommodations or on pitches. But babies count to calculate the capacity of the accommodation or pitch.

Can I add someone to my reservation?

Yes, as long as the capacity of the accommodation or pitch is not exceeded. You can add them during the online Check-in process, by calling +34 972 65 15 64 or by sending an email.

Is there animation on the campsites? Where can I find the animation program?

Sènia not only offers holidays, Sènia is an experience and therefore, during your stay with us you can enjoy a wide range of activities.

With the exception of Rupit, the Sènia Campsites have entertainment every weekend  and every day during the summer.

To be able to see the animation programs during your holidays follow us on Instagram, @senia_campings, here we publish the activities every day.

Where can I get information about the surroundings?

All Sènia campsites are located in unique places, in places with a lot of charm. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the surroundings. Here we leave a link with the spots that you cannot miss in the surroundings of each campsite:

- Sènia Tucan

- Sènia Cala Gogo

- Sènia Riu

- Sènia Caballo de Mar

- Sènia Cala Canyelles

- Sènia Rupit

* At the campsite reception you can consult more information

¿Qué actividades puedo hacer en los campings?

En Sènia estamos seguros de una cosa, de que no te vas a aburrir. Aquí te dejamos las diferentes actividades que podrás disfrutar en cada camping:

Do the glamping include sheets and towels?

All glampings, except Coco, Kentia and Kentia Plus include sheets. Towels are not included. You can bring them or rent them for € 2 / night and person.

What are the vehicle circulation hours within the campsite?

The circulation of vehicles is prohibited from 00:00 a.m. to 07:00 a.m.

Can I stay longer in my accommodation or camping pitch? Is there the possibility for a Late Check Out?

In general, the departure of the accommodations is at 11am and for pitches at 12pm. However, there is the possibility of staying longer.

You can ask the reception at the day of your arrival if you can contract a late check out.

What are the costs of a Late Check-Out?

To contract the Late Check-Out you must pay a fee that depends on the season and age.

Low season
  • Adults: 10€
  • Children from 3 to 12 years: 7€
  • Babies from 0 to 2 years: 0€

High season
  • Adults: 15€
  • Children from 3 to 12 years: 10€
  • Babies from 0 to 2 years: 0€

When can I contract the late check-out?

You should always contract it on the last day of your stay, since it is subjected to availability.

If you make your reservation with ACSI or another discount and want to leave later than 12:00?

Then you must pay for one more night, always subject to availability.