Pineda de Mar

Discover the best Campsites in Pineda de Mar

If you are looking for a campsite in Pineda de Mar, you will find the best campsites to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. This charming village in the north of the Costa de Barcelona is known for its great seafaring tradition. The huge beaches are worth mentioning, large stretches of golden sand that draw a perfect line on the sea.

Pineda de Mar is remembered by many as the favorite holiday destination of their parents and even grandparents. It creates special nostalgia, and many childhood memories in everyone who has enjoyed family vacations here.   And in Pineda de Mar you can sense the passage of time between sea and mountains, walking along the long beach or touring the natural park surrounding the town.

For those looking for an unforgettable family vacation, it is the best destination, as you will find campsites in Pineda that have been offering vacations for over 50 years and have seen generations of families pass through its magnificent, and always renovated facilities.

A vacation in Pineda de Mar

Pineda de Mar is one of those towns that has it all — charm, culture, history and is also well connected with the surrounding towns and major cities such as Barcelona and Girona

Whether you are visiting the ancient Roman ruins, discovering the routes of the Montnegre i Corredor Park, or simply strolling along its long beach, Pineda de Mar offers everything you are looking for in a family vacation. 

Family camping in Pineda de Mar

As we have already mentioned, Pineda de Mar is the ideal place for your next family vacation, you will find a wide variety of accommodations to suit all tastes and needs.  If you are looking for a hotel or a family camping by Pineda de Mar in this vacation, surely you will not go wrong.

Camping with children in Pineda de Mar

Nowadays, we are all looking to escape to the great outdoors, and children love it!

Most of the campsites in Pineda de Mar have everything for children to have a great time during their vacations: entertainment, activities, swimming pools of different shapes and sizes, slides, music, and everything else you might want! If you add all this to the environment, which is ideal for children to run free, and where parents can enjoy their free time, without losing sight of them, the vacations are a guarantee.

We must also take into account that all campsites now have comfortable accommodations, that uncomfortable sleeping in the campsites is a thing of the past. There are already luxurious bungalows in Pineda that can even compare to 5 star hotel rooms.

The nature of Pineda de Mar

It is clear that Pineda de Mar is a beach destination par excellence, where you can do a myriad of water activities, such as kayaking, paddle surfing or just a boat ride along the coast Maresme.  However, Pineda de Mar not only offers vacations at sea:

Take a bike ride along the extensive promenade and enjoy the views of the Coast, enjoy the routes through the Montnegre i Corredor Park and discover all the flora and fauna of the area. Additionally, there are different options for adventure sports that are very close to Pineda de Mar, activities that will delight the whole family. 

For nature lovers we recommend the world of Glamping. Luxurious tents with all the comforts. Inside, they stand out for their wood finishes and spaciousness. If you want more information about Glamping in Pineda de Mar you can consult the website of Caballo de Mar, a campsite with luxury Glamping on the beach.

What to do in Pineda de Mar? 

Pineda de Mar is a town full of life, culture and history. A combination that results in a place full of activities for the whole family.

What to see if you book a hotel or a campsite in Pineda de Mar

Pineda de Mar is a town with a great tradition and culture and, although in recent years the hand of man has greatly modified the environment, you can still see remains of the old Pineda de Mar. Among its monuments you can find:

  • The church of Santa Maria: Originally from 1079 and although in its first construction it was an old Romanesque church there is no longer any vestige of what it was, because in the sixteenth century it was completely demolished to build a new one.
  • Roman aqueduct: Formerly this construction was responsible for collecting the waters of the area.
  • Font del Ferro: This is a place with a great natural value. If you are a nature lover you cannot miss the opportunity to visit it.
  • L'Ermita de la Mare de Déu de Gràcia: It was built in 1715 by a group of sailors. The environment in which it is located It is worth mentioning, from one side you can contemplate the immensity of the Mediterranean Sea and from the other the thick vegetation of the mountains.

Festivals and camping in Pineda de Mar

Hotels and campsites in Pineda de Mar are the meeting point for lovers of great music festivals held every year*

  • First of all, we can highlight the Screaming or also known as Rockabilly Festival, a perfect combination of music, vacations and good times. This festival is held in June.
  • On the other hand, another one of the most famous festivals in Pineda de Mar is the Psychobilly, way more than a simple festival, book a camping in Pineda or Calella and live a whole experience. It is usually held in late June or early July. You can confirm it on their website.
  • We also have the Calella Rockfest, a festival with the best Rock, blues and punk rock. The festival is held in mid-October and brings together the best artists from around the world.
  • Finally, for lovers of beer and camping in Pineda de Mar, the Oktoberfest.

Some even take advantage of the perfect communication of Pineda de Mar to attend nearby events such as the Canet Rock or the very RockFest in Barcelona. 

*It should be noted that some events have been affected in 2020 by the health situation. 

Other activities near Pineda de Mar

In Pineda de Mar there is no such thing as boredom, whatever time of year it is, there are always activities to do or places to visit:

  • Visit the Montnegre Natural Park: If you book a bungalow in Pineda de Mar or a plot for your caravan, this Natural Park is a must. It is a huge, protected area with pine forests, oaks and a variety of wildlife such as deer, roe deer, squirrels, etc...
  • Visit BarcelonaOne of the advantages of booking a campsite in Pineda de Mar is the proximity and good connection with the city of Barcelona. The city is only 48km away and can be reached by car, bus or train.
  • Discover Costa Brava: Pineda de Mar is located north of the Costa de Barcelona, just a stone's throw from the Costa Brava. A perfect paradisiacal enclave to discover the paradisiacal coves of the Costa de Girona.