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21 September 2020

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10 Senia cheques = €210.00

We are 6 campings at the moment, and each one of them has that something special, something that differs from one another. That’s why at Sènia we have thougt it wouldn’t be fair to make you choose just one of them if you can visit them all, that’s how we came with the idea of the Sènia Cheques.

If you happen to be a camping Lover like us, and you just cannot wait to grab your camper , these cheques are the best option. From only 21€ per night you can enjoy the best Sènia Campsites.

Discover each little place in Catalonia, from the massive mountains in Rupit  until the sunny quiet coasts from Playa de Aro, Tossa de Mar, Sant Pere Pecador or Pineda de Mar.  

Without further ado, let’s dive into it ! Like we mentioned, you can spend a night on each of the Sènia Campsites for just 21€, including 2 people, electricity and a car. The cheques are sold 10 at a time, so you spend 210€ for 10 nights, and you can spend the cheques within two years.


No te preocupes, hacemos un resumen de todo

¿Qué incluyen los cheques Sènia?

  • 2 personas
  • Parcela
  • Coche/Caravana/Tienda
  • Electricidad
  • Válido desde la apertura hasta el 30 de junio y a partir del 1 de septiembre hasta el cierre

¿Cuánto cuestan los cheques Sènia?

Cuestan  21€/noche pero como se compran de 10 en 10 tendrías que pagar 210,00€ por 10 cheques.


Get to know more about Campings Sènia

 The Sènia Campsites Group has currently 6 campings, which are to be found all around the main areas of Girona and Barcelona.

Get ready to discover the most magical places, pretty little treasures in nature with wich you will fall in love.   In the hear of the Costa Brava you will find Camping Sènia Cala Gogo,  a huge campsite with 6 pools, 3 restaurants animation and so much more.

But the best thing is in the environment that surrounds the campsite, surrounded by legendary pine forests and with direct access to one of the most beautiful beaches in the center of the Costa Brava, the cove that gives the campsite its name, Cala Gogo.

Moving towards the north of Girona, near Sant Pere Pescador, you will find Camping Sènia Riu, a small campsite stranded right at  the rivershore and just 2 minutes from the center of town and 15 from the beach of Sant Pere. The path to the beach is beautiful as you pick up the banks of the river. Another way to go to the beach is following the river, by kayak or with your own boat since we have a mooring. 

Turning south of the Costa Brava, we can visit two of the Group's campsites: on the one hand, Camping Sènia Tucan located between Lloret de Mar and Blanes, and just a 7-minute walk from one of the best beaches in Europe, Cala SA Boadella.  As for the campsite, it is designed for families and has 3 swimming pools and giant slides. It also has a wide variety of activities and entertainment.

On the other hand, located between Tossa de Mar and Lloret de Mar, you will find Camping Sènia Cala Canyelles. It is a quieter campsite, ideal for those looking for peace and quiet with their caravan. It is also located 200 meters from the beach and almost all the plots have sea views.

Travelling down to the area of Barcelona we find Camping Sènia Caballo de mar , a family campsite with direct access to the beach and with new and modern facilities. We have a new pool for the kiddies!
Last but not least, you cannot miss Camping Sènia Rupit,  located in the area of Osona (Barcelona). In the middle of nature and just 5 minutes from the medieval town of Rupit. Without a doubt, a perfect place for nature lovers.


  • Valid from opening until June 30th and from August 31st until closing
  • Not valid on local public holidays such as "Semana Santa" (Easter week) or "Sant Joan" (June 23rd).
  • Valid at any of the Senia Group campsites, after availability check.
  • Senia checks are not refundable and not combinable with other offers.
  • Minimum purchase of 1 checkbook = 10 units.
  • It is mandatory to present the original Senia checks in paper (no photos or photocopies) the day of your arrival.