Discover the best Campsites in Calella

Campsites in Calella

Ready to discover the best campsites in Calella de Mar? This charming village, known for its wide range of leisure that has made it the tourist emblem of the Costa del Maresme. An ideal place to enjoy a family vacation. In the campsites of Calella you can find different options for camping vacations, you´ll be sure to find the ideal one for you.

Calella de Mar is a place where you can find both, beaches and mountains, despite being located on the Costa de Barcelona, in just a few minutes drive you can be in the Natural Park of Montnegre. A natural landscape formed by two relief units a few kilometers from the ocean that give access to breathtaking scenery which will fascinate nature lovers. You can also find several campsites on the beach of Calella de Mar. Some campsites even have direct access to the beach, such as Camping Sènia Caballo de Mar, in Pineda. Whether you are looking for trips with your family or with a couple or with friends, it is not an easy task to find the perfect campsite. That's why we want to help you find your vacation spot in Calella.

Campsites in Calella, more than 60 years of tourism

The Calella we know now has little to do with what it was 60 years ago. Fishing and agriculture gave way to the textile industry which in turn gave way to the growing tourism industry in the mid 50's. To really know about a place it is important to learn about its people and the environment. A history that reflects each one of its streets and its long promenade. Perfect places to stroll, breathe the ocean breeze and live a moment of tranquility and relaxation. If you think about booking a campsite in Calella, you are not only booking a campsite, you are ensuring a perfect vacation.

Calella de Mar, a city of the most sporty

The sportiest know it, Calella de Mar is the meeting point for sports lovers. Twice a year in this town on the coast of Barcelona "the Iron Man” sporting events are held in the area. The most awaited event by many triathlon lovers, as it qualifies for the world championship held in Hawaii. During these dates, many of these athletes, family members or just fans of this competition, take the opportunity to book a campsite in Calella or its surroundings. And thus enjoy the experience to the fullest. Not a bad idea at all…

In addition to this famous competition during your vacations in a campsite in Calella you can enjoy other sports during the rest of the year: The sports that you can practice in Calella and those sports activities that most campsites in Calella have prepared in their entertainment program.

What to do in Calella?

You will not have enough time for everything that Calella and its campsites have to offer! Pineda is not only an ideal destination for those looking for vacations in the sun and beach, but it also has a great variety of cultural leisure. Recently, the museum of tourism has been inaugurated in the old Llobet factory, which in turn has its historical importance since it was one of the most important textile factories in Spain. 

The new tourism museum offers a tour of the world and the impact of tourism in all aspects.

Another mandatory visit is the Calella Lighthouse, which is undoubtedly one of the emblems of the town, a place you cannot miss. You will be able to contemplate wonderful views of the beach of Calella. We recommend for you to visit at sunset, that’s when the last reddish colors of the sun merge with the sea leaving a romantic picture.

We also recommend you to visit Les Torretes, an imposing construction from 1857. Two towers used for optical telegraphy during the Second Carlist War.

And if you just feel like strolling or relaxing, you can enjoy the most diverse gastronomy and commerce in the main street of Calella de Mar.

Holidays with children in Calella

Calella is a destination that will please all family members, from the little ones to the elder. Moreover, the majority of campsites and hotels in Calella are aimed at family tourism, and therefore equipped with all the commodities and entertainment you need for a great vacation far from boredom. As we mentionned earlier, the Calella camping sites have a great entertainment program, a lot of them focused on children.

Apart from the entertainment in the camping sites, Calella de Mar also has a certificate of Family Destination, given by the Catalan Tourism Agency: it guarantees great facilities for the families, such as communicating bedrooms in hotels, children swimming pools, kids club on the beach... And so much more!

Come and enjoy Calella!

Camping with friends in Calella?

A few days camping in Calella with friends can be a great idea. As we mentioned before, Calella is a perfect place to travel with family. But it could also be perfect to enjoy a few days of camping in with your friends or even as a couple. In this small town on the Costa de Barcelona there are many offers to have a good time during your vacation. Enjoy activities such as:

  • Outdoor activities: What better way to discover the wonderful environment that surrounds the campsites in Calella than with sport?  Go quad biking or 4x4 excursions and visit the campsites in the Natural Park of Montnegre i Corredor.
  • Tapas Bikes Tour: What for many is the perfect combination. Tour the main arteries of Calella and neighboring towns while you taste the best tapas of the Costa Maresme in the best bars and restaurants.
  • Water activities: Enjoy the sun and the Mediterranean Sea like never before with activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, etc.