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Low season accommodation offers

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05 November 2020

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Take advantage of the best offers in Bungalows, Mobil Homes and Glampings

If your job doesn’t allow you to travel during the high season, you’re  lucky! Because now you’ll be able not only to enjoy some unfogttable holidays, but you will be saving Money too!

We are expecting this season 2022 with such excitement, after these last 2 years which we can better forget about. We’ve realized that life isn’t count by years but by the moments we’ve really lived. That’s why we want you to enjoy these moments with us,  without spending a fortune.

For every stay at one of our Sènia accommodations during the low season there will be some discount:

  • For every 3 nights you will get 5% discount
  • For every 5 nights you will get 10% discount
  • For every 10 nights you will get 15% discount
  • For every 15 nights you will get 20% discount

Don’t hesitate anymore and come over to enjoy the Sènia life

01/04-13/04 + 18/04-19/06 + 01/09-26/09

5 deep reasons why travelling during low season is better

For some of you it might be a crazy idea, but, there’s method in the madness! A holiday during low season can be unforgettable, just let the tourism workers tell you about it, there are a million reasons to travel out of July or August: 

No crowds or burden
After a whole year of a routines and burden and queues, the only thing we ask from our holiday is some peace and quiet, but in the high season its in many occasions a hard thing to find. If you’ve ever travelled during the summer peak through any coast area you will already know how hard it is to find a nice spot at the beach, and we’re not even talking about grabbing a drink at a beach bar. This is one of the main reasons why travelling during May, June or September is a great option as the weather ‘s still good and there are no crowds. Having the beach for yourself is such a pleasure.

Best prices
Take advantage of our accommodation offers. During this time of year it’s much easier to find luxury campsites at a more affordable Price. When looking at Sènia campsites, we offer bungalows bigger than 60 square meter in some unique nature environments, that are super affordable during the low season. Not only the accommodation Price, but bear in mind that flight tickets, trains or even petrol is much cheaper .Don’t hesitate about it and join the low season travellers!

May is the best month to travel to Sènia Campsites, that’s why we recommend you to do so when having the chance. It’s the best time to enjoy your holidays and to take advantage of the low season camping offers!

The Weather
Sènia Campsites are all located around Catalonia (Costa Brava, Maresme and upit) an area that even in May has a mild temperature and makes it an ideal time and place to enjoy the magic places of the region.  It’s a mild temperature to wander around and get to know charming towns and villages like Rupit, Playa De Aro, Palamós, Tossa de Mar, etc. Like said before, apart from the ideal weather, it’s a peaceful time to discover every little place in Catalonia.

The beauty of Catalonia, during another season
Catalonia is one of those regions where nature and culture are one, and offer a unique experience. The Little medieval villages and coves that are perfect to visit in less crowded seasons.  Take advantage of the low season and take the time to visit and getting to know each and every village of the region. Take a walk along the golden beaches at the Costa del Maresme, discover the infinite untouched covesfrom the Costa Brava and visit magical villages like Tossa, Rupit, Playa de Aro, Ampuriabrava etc.

Personalized service
Another reason for a low season holiday is the service one gets. During this time of the year everything is much more quiet, and that reflects in the service’s quality. This happens not only in campsites or hotels during the low season, it happens in restaurants and leisure activities or places.

More availability
During the peak season, you have to either reserve in advance or you won’t have much to choose. It’s during the low season when you get the chance to book wherever you like, even on the same arrival day. It’s easy, it’s quick and no risk of losing Money when cancelling.

How to plan a Senia trip during the low season

Planning a holiday is no easy task, specially when it is for the whole family, or friends , it’s hard to please everyone, but not imposible. Here are some tips and tricks to make it easier.

First things first, think about the exact dates, as even during low season, a week earlier or later can make a difference in terms of temperature.  That’s why we reccommend you to keep an eye on the weather predictions before. 

Another important point would be chosing the right place. Sometimes one choses a well known area, but maybe during this time of the year when not many tourists around, there are some other more unknown places which can be pure magic.

Keep in mind whether you will be travelling alone, with your family , partner or friends. At Sènia campsintes you will find the right accommodation at the right place.  When travelling with your partner we reccommend  Bungalow TERRA with a  jacuzzi , which is middle in the mountains, or maybe  Mobil Home CROMA PLUS , ideal for families with children as there’s a playground  right there at Camping Cala Gogo. When in doubt call  +34 972 651 564 and we’ll help you out.

Offer conditions

Offer valid for the accommodations available during the indicated dates: From opening until June 19 and from September 1 until closing at the end of the season.
Promotion not valid at Easter.
Discounts already applied directly when booking.