Seni Club

A whole world of fun! Riu is a campsite for the whole family, where children play the main part.

Discover our Seni Club, a place where children will have great fun with our animation team, and the other children of the campsite. An ideal place to have fun and meet new friends.

The Seni Club's activities are aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 12, but everyone is welcome. Enjoy activities such as handcrafts, dressing up, fantasy make-up, recycling or dancing, accompanied by good music and lots of humor!

In the afternoon takes place the event when the children are most happy, the Minidisco. Here we dance to Seni’s favorite songs, our friendly mascot.

Seni, our mascot

Don't you know Seni yet? It is our sweet mascot who lives on the campsites of Group Senia. He loves to play, dance and have a great time with his friends. A lot of days, he comes to play with us in the Seni Club and to dance to his songs at the Minidisco.

Do you want to listen to your friend Seni's song? Click HERE or on Seni: 
Seni Club Riu
Camping Senia Riu Seni Club camping with miniclub
Camping Senia Riu Seni Club camping with miniclub
Seni Club Riu