Only 9 km away from Camping Sènia Riu you will find Empúries and its archaeological site, one of the most important ones in the Mediterranean.

Empúries was formerly a port and a gateway into the Iberian Peninsula. With this privileged geographical situation, two cultures developed the Greek and the Roman. The Greek city was called Emporion, while the Roman city was Emporiae.

For this reason, the coexistence of two cultures is a unique discovery and a magical place, which you have to visit if you are in the area.

They are open to the public but you can also hire guided tours, for which it is preferable to have an arranged hour. With the latter or with audio guides on your cell phone, you can walk through the ruins of Empúries, letting your imagination recreate scenes of the past among its streets.

Roman ruins in Empúries near the Riu campsite
Roman ruins in Empúries near the Camping Riu