Castle of San Esteban de Mar

Located in Palamós, on a cliff between the Fosca beach and the cove of S'Alguer, the Castle of San Esteban del Mar is a vestige of the thirteenth century.

This castle was built over a Roman villa, which is also thought to have been built over an Iberian settlement. It was owned in the Middle Ages by various feudal lords, until the War of the Remensas that ended in 1485, and during which the castle was demolished.

In the XVI-XVII centuries, after being abandoned for decades, it was converted into a country-house.

Unfortunately, little remains of this castle today, but you can still see some walls and the foundations of the towers. It is a very beautiful landscape that can be seen from the beach while sunbathing, or by taking a walk along the Camino de Ronda.