Natural Park "Aiguamolls"

Nature lovers have found their ideal destination. This Natural Park is an immense jewel full of fauna, flora and enchanting landscapes.


Created in October 1983, the Aiguamolls de l'Empordà is one of the most important wetlands in Catalonia, located between the river mouths of Fluvià and Muga. The park also includes the complete natural reserves of the Llaunes, the Estanys and the Caramany Island, which receive the highest level of protection according to the legislation of Catalonia.


You cannot miss visiting this natural park if you are staying in the area. You can take a look at the Park's website to consult the recommended itineraries, whether on foot, by bike or in a wheelchair... We are sure you will find a route that will be appealing to you and will adapt to all members of your family. You will only need to check the weather conditions to plan the outing and think about the appropriate equipment (rain boots or sun cream).

With more than 4,700 hectare "Aiguamolls de l´Emporda" nature park is one of the most important wetlands in Catalonia and one of the most privileged places for bird watching.
In general, the natural park consists of a series of ponds, meadows and flooded meadows, due to proximity of the Muga and Fluvia rivers. We can divide the park in 3 areas:
  • On the one hand the northern area: the Estanys reserve with the ponds Castelló, Palau, Vilaüt and Mornau, coastal lagoons, reed gardens and flooded meadows.
  • On the other side, in the central part: there is the "Reserva de les Llaunes" with the system of ponds at the mouths of the rivers Muga and Fluvià, coastal lagoons, brackish meadows and dunes.
  • And finally, the Fluvia river, with a small island a few meters from the pier of our campsite, Caramany Island, a well-developed forest on the river.

A visit to the Natural Park of the Aiguamolls de l´Emporda is a must, and its public entrance is at 6 km from our campsite. You can also combine it with guided or free visits to other places of historical, artistic or natural interest.

What can you visit in the Aiguamolls de L'Emporda Natural Park?

There are two ways to visit the park: on foot or by bike. In addition, there are several itineraries with different routes that can be taken. All of these routes are very well signposted and have different levels of difficulty. So don't worry if you come with kids.

1. From El Cortalet to El mas del Matar: It is a short distance route (2.5 km) but very complete as you can see a large part of the campsite due to several viewpoints that you will encounter along the way.

2. From El Mas del Matar to Les Llaunes: This route goes from Mas Matar to the beach. You can see the shallow ponds with a great variety of fauna. The route is 2.3 km long.

3. Return to the Les Llaunes reserve: it goes along the coastline of the reserve. On the way we can emphasize the observation of several sandy areas. This route is 8.2 km long. However, it will remain closed from April 1st to July 1st as the birds build their nests during that period.

4. From El Cortalet to the Europa Ponds: Walk through these two humid parts of the park (4 km).

5. Fluvia River: This route goes past Camping Senia Riu and along the banks of the Fluvia River from Sant Pere Pescador to the estuary. This route is characterized by a great wealth of flora and fauna.
camping riu-camping en el parque natural els aiguamolls de emporda
camping riu-camping en el parque natural els aiguamolls de emporda
camping riu-camping en el parque natural els aiguamolls de emporda
camping riu-camping en el parque natural els aiguamolls de emporda
camping riu-camping en el parque natural els aiguamolls de emporda