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MTB Bike

You, your bike, and Rupit! Cycling enthusiasts know that the most important thing is not the bike nor the road, but to keep discovering new places, new routes and new sensations. Rupit is one of those places where every pedal stroke is different and that is something magical. It is truly one of the best ways to get to know this beautiful region.

MTB Routes

The abundance of water and the landscapes formed by the combination of impressive rocks and soft plains make this region a perfect place to enjoy your mountain bike.

In Rupit there are two signposted circuits in the centre of the Sau Collsacabra valley. In total there are 18 routes of more than 275 signposted kilometres, enough to get to know the area, culture, and streets of the main cities. Rupit's MTB routes are:

  • Punt d'Acolliment de l'Esquirol - Cantonigròs - Tavertet - Rupit - Point d'Acolliment de l'Esquirol: This route is quite hard, with over 35 kilometres, and a 1,439-metre elevation.
  • Rupit - Puig de la Batalla - Salt de Sallent - Rupit: This one is easy and can be done even with kids. It can last about 1 hour and 15 minutes and is about 11-km long.
Camping Rupit-Rutas BTT en Rupit
Camping Rupit-Rutas BTT en Rupit
Camping Rupit-Rutas BTT en Rupit