how can I become more responsible as a traveller?

World Wildlife Day

Last update: 03 March 2021

World Wildlife Day

On the 3rd of March, we celebrate World Wildlife Day. The United Nations created this day to recall the need for us all to conserve the wildlife of our planet. This date also commemorates the CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, signed in 1973

It is true that the current situation allowed us to understand that we need to live in a way that is more conscious and respectful, and to preserve the environment. Take advantage of these peculiar times to make a list of good habits to be more respectful of the surrounding wildlife during your next getaway.

You can travel with the goal of enjoying your destination and knowing everything about it. This way, you will know how to preserve it for its inhabitants and future travellers like you.

Spain, and more particularly where we are in Catalonia, are destinations full of magical places to wander, beaches with crystal water to have or swim or dive, and mountains to hike, climb or bike. It is a territory with a lot of fishers’ villages where you will taste the best dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, and a lot of tourist housing such as hotels and campsites to enjoy unforgettable holidays.

Every corner of our region is waiting to amaze you, hoping that you will return the favour with the respect they deserve.

“The power of the tourist is the choice” Responsible Tourism Institute

Let us give you 10 choices you can make for your travel to be a unique and respectful experience!

  • Once you arrive, walk as much as you can. You can also rent a bike, or use public transportation.
  • Try slowmoving, breathe deeply and enjoy the path you have chosen to observe nature around you and maybe discover new places to take a break.
  • Use reusable bottles and bags as much as you can. Reducing our water footprint has become necessary and we all can participate. Water is a resource we share with all the wildlife, think about it.
  • Try and use only the necessary quantities of water and electricity in your housing. Act as if you were at home, do not waste!
  • Enjoy your holidays to ask about the environmental policies of your housing. At Senia’s campsites for example, we use solar panels to produce some of our energy. We also offer a reusable bag made of recycled burlap that you will find useful during your stay and after.
  • Appreciate your surroundings, and help to collect waste on your path. A plastic bag needs 150 years to decompose, but you can reduce this time to only 5 seconds: take it and throw it in the corresponding bin for it to be recycled.
  • Inform yourself and respect local cultures. Ask questions, get interested, and learn new ways of doing or seeing things and the environment that surrounds you.
  • Buy souvenir to local craftsmen and shops: tradition and know-how often come from or are inspired by the environment and the fauna and flora of their homeland.
  • Take a look around! You could find new plants or animals you never see at home. By doing that, you will also be more respectful and you will avoid trampling on flowers or insects that did not bother anyone and were just having their best life.
  • At the beach, go diving to discover the wide variety of fish species on the Costa Brava and the Maresme Coast. Swim with them at a safe distance, and let them show you around their home. Of course, if you see any waste underwater or on the sand, grab it and keep it in a bag you brought with you for this purpose. You will always find trash cans when you leave the beach.

Just remember: travelling is about knowing the culture, the people and the environment that are welcoming you. Choosing a campsite for your holidays means having the opportunity to live the experience of nature at its fullest. Nature will fill your field of view; it will help you to disconnect from your day to day, and to connect again with yourself and your loved ones. If you choose a campsite for your stay, you will discover wildlife as it is.

Enjoy the moment, and remember that nature does not belong to anyone, but is the responsibility of everyone.

Have a great and thoughtful World Wildlife Day!