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Mushroom hunt

October is a special month for Catalan "mushroom hunters" as it is the perfect moment for finding mushrooms. And the thing is, in Spain there are many areas where you can find this tasty ingredient, but nowhere like here. And when you add to this the beautiful landscapes of the Osona region, it is second to none.

Mushrooms are autumn's star product. With their diversity and gastronomic richness, they are highly appraised in the kitchen. In the area of Rupit you can easily find the following:

  • Rovellons: Saffron milk cap, delicious milk cap or milk mushroom, this one grows  between pine forests and, depending on the year, usually hatches at the end of August.
  • Trompetes de la mort: The trumpet of the dead, is also known as the horn of plenty or the black chanterelle. Although it may not seem like it by name, it is a very tasty mushroom. You can recognize this one because it is very dark and although it is not very attractive to the eye, it is very tasty.
  • Rossinyols: They are known as golden chanterelles, or girolles, and are usually found near trees in pine forests.
  • Camagrocs: This one is the yellow-footed chanterelle, or yellow-stemmed chanterelle. It is one of the most appreciated mushrooms in Catalan cuisine. This mushroom usually grows in pine forests and grows as a colony, so finding a good one will help you get the most out of the day.
  • Ceps: Also called cep in English, it can be called penny bun or porcini. They can be found on the main routes that surround the site.
  • Fredolics: Known as the dirty tricholoma or the grey knight, it can be distinguished by its greyish and irregular cap.

If you don't know them, don't worry, at the campsite we can help you get to know them all and we'll also tell you the most important thing, how to find them. Best of all, you don't have to go far from the campsite to find areas where all of these grow.

Get out into nature, breathe in the fresh air and humidity that is so characteristic of this region, and find some tasty mushrooms for a very autumny dinner!

Mushroom hunt in Rupit Barcelona
Mushroom hunt in Rupit Barcelona
Mushroom hunt in Rupit Barcelona
Mushroom hunt in Rupit Barcelona