Ein Paradies für Liebhaber von Natur und Ruhe ... Eine Kombination aus Geschichte und Natur, die zu einer einzigartigen natürlichen Umgebung in der Provinz Barcelona führt

Rupit is located in the Osona region, at an altitude of 845 meters over the sea level. Rupit is an interesting tourist town with cobbled streets and rustic houses (16th and 17th century). It has remained true to its original architecture, keeping Rupit an authentic medieval urban landscape.

The magic of this medieval village comes from the connection between the nature of its surroundings and the history of its streets. A combination that results in a multitude of leisure and adventure possibilities.

Do you like walking in the woods? Well, Rupit is waiting for you. Numerous paths and paths through the protected nature reserve. Collsacabra where you can find cliffs, lush forests, waterfalls and streams. A nature reserve of great ecological value that you will love, you can go your own way, have your own adventure or rent a 1-hour guided tour. But there are also guided tours of the city or the church tower.

 It is an ideal place to spend a family vacation, enjoying the mountainous landscape and eating the delicious dishes in town. You cannot leave Rupit without trying the “sugar coca”, drinking a little "Ratafia" and tasting a little "longaniza". Its really worth it!


Visit Camping Rupit

Camping Rupit is 5 minutes from town, so it is very easy to reach the main walking or cycling routes. In addition, we can help you choose the best route for you at the reception.