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If there is something that we all crave today is to disconnect from everything, and connect more with oneself. Outside mobile, outside networks, just breathe the pure air of the mountain. Here we will help you discover the best campsites in Rupit and surroundings

Rupit is only a small corner of the world, but once you discover it and awaken the magic of the place, its forests, rivers and waterfalls. Or its colors and sounds that give rise to a unique experience. That is why we recommend a getaway to a Camping de Rupit, where you can spend an incredible family vacation, experiencing together the pleasure of connecting with nature, and at the same time with yourselves. The little ones will marvel at the beauty of the place, and they will want to play with the bunnies that run through the forests and campsites of Rupit. Imagine, a beautiful sunrise, a breakfast on the terrace of your cozy bungalow with your family while you observe the flora and fauna around you. Sometimes the greatest pleasures in life are the simplest.

Discover the magic of Rupit

A paradise for lovers of nature and tranquility ... A combination of history and nature that give rise to a unique natural setting in Barcelona. Therefore, if you are looking for an indoor campsite in the province of Barcelona, ​​this is your place.

Rupit is located in the Osona region, at an altitude of 845 meters above sea level. Rupit is an interesting tourist village with cobbled streets and rustic houses (16th and 17th century). It has remained true to its original architecture, so Rupit remains an authentic medieval urban landscape. A place where it seems that Time forgot to pass.

The magic of this medieval town arises from the connection between the nature of its surroundings and the history of its streets. A combination that results in a multitude of leisure and adventure possibilities..

Do you like to walk in the woods? Well, in Rupit there are countless roads and trails through the Collsacabra Protected Natural Area where you can find cliffs, lush forests, waterfalls and streams. A natural space of great ecological value that you are going to love. You can make your own way, your own adventure, or hire a 1-hour guided tour. But there are also guided tours of the town, or the church bell tower.

It is an ideal place to spend a family vacation or a romantic getaway to enjoy its mountainous landscape, and eat the delicious dishes of the farm. You cannot leave Rupit without trying the sugar coca, drinking a little "Ratafia" and tasting a little "sausage". Worth!

Visit Rupit

As we have mentioned, Rupit is a charming town in the mountains of Collsacabra, in the Osona region (Barcelona). Here it is as if time had forgotten to stop by. You can still breathe the magic of times past. A place where its charm grabs you and surrounds you as you walk through its preserved cobbled streets and rustic houses.

The main attraction of this town arises from the connection between the nature of its surroundings and the history of its streets. A combination that results in the perfect place to enjoy a romantic getaway or a few lovely days with your family.

Another point of interest in Rupit is the enchanting environment that surrounds it, a unique natural setting full of spectacular places. If your passion is nature, you cannot miss this little corner of the Osona mountain.

In addition to the spectacular nature of its landscapes, we must highlight the charm of the towns in the region. Most of them are old medieval towns through which time has not passed and their streets remain as centuries ago.

It is evident that due to the beauty of the landscapes of this place, it is increasingly difficult to find availability in the hostels in Rupit. Every weekend and on holidays the town becomes one of the most popular places for nature lovers looking for a place to escape from the routine. For this reason, we advise you to book accommodation in Rupit well in advance.

What to do in Rupit? 

Once in the town, its streets wrap you in the past, its houses, all made of stone, remind you of the setting of a medieval movie. Without a doubt, Rupit is a magical place, a little corner in the world, a place to forget everything, simply to enjoy. Here we leave you the possibilities of activities and tourism in Rupit

  • The Streets of Rupit: we have mentioned before, the streets of Rupit are charming and if you come to Camping Rupit they are a mandatory stop. Walk through the streets of the center, cross the famous Rupit suspension bridge, and get wrapped up in its magic
  • Bike routes: In the surroundings of Rupit there are many routes by mountain bike. There are different levels of difficulty, from simple paths to go with children to professionals. Every year the Rupit i Pruit BTT competition is held, where all lovers of this sport gather to enjoy this place with their bike. In any case, at the reception of your accommodation in Rupit or at the tourist office, you can find out about all the possibilities.
  • Walking routes:In the surroundings of Rupit there are different possibilities for hiking trails. They are also circular so they begin and end in the town. More information here.
  • Gastronomy:In the town there are many restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Catalan cuisine. Enjoy local products, perfectly prepared, enjoy authentic village bread, which stays fresh for days, or a fantastic artisan sausage.
  • Handicrafts:Through the medieval streets of the town you will find different shops where you will find different crafts from the area.
  • The houses: Strolling through Rupit is already fantastic in itself, but also, there are some houses that deserve a bit of our attention, such as the Soler notary, dating from 1608, the apothecary's house, or the blacksmith's, dating from 1711
  • The church of Sant Miquel (Arcángel): It is an originally Romanesque construction (13th century) but since the town was expanding its population, extensions were made during the 16th and 17th centuries, so the building has a Baroque style with neoclassical elements.

Accommodation in Rupit?

There are several accommodations in Rupit where you can spend the night and enjoy the place. If you are looking for a hostel in Rupit, or a rural house in Rupit, it will be easy for you. However, Rupit means nature, it means freedom and it means disconnection. Terms that shape the true style of mountain camping.

Visit Camping Rupit

Camping Rupit is ideal for a family vacation, it is only 5 minutes from the town so it is very easy to access the main hiking or bike routes. In addition, from reception we can help you choose the best route for you.

The Rupit campsite will provide you with an unrivaled combination of peace, serenity and adrenaline-filled adventures. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, an adventure weekend or a vacation full of activities for the family, book your Bungalow, Mobile Home, Glamping or Plot and enjoy a place full of adventures to discover.

Come and enjoy outdoor adventures, from biking to hiking trails to exploring our natural vacation environment to its fullest extent.

Finally, we cannot miss the magical town of Rupit. Discover its cobbled streets and rustic houses from the 16th and 17th centuries. Years have not passed here. Everything remains the same.

The most authentic places and the most risky activities and you will also enjoy a rest with maximum comfort at the Sènia Rupit campsite.