Costa Brava

Get to know the best Campsites in Palamós

Discover with our Sènia Search Engine the best campsites in Palamós. A town of maritime tradition, for its geographical location, its history, and its neighbors. Its origin dates back to the 12th century, where you will find vestiges of different periods.

First of all, Palamós is a lively seaside village where it is pleasant to live: come and enjoy the Mediterranean breeze, contemplate our sunsets, savor Mediterranean dishes on a terrace, walk with the family on the beach, have a drink after dinner to enjoy the sweet temperatures of the summer nights...

Are you already picturing it? Then follow the guide: we have compiled all you need to know to have a wonderful vacation in Palamós!

Is there any better way to enjoy nature than at a campsite in Palamós?

Your vacations in Palamós

For a successful vacation in Palamós, whether you come as a family, as a couple or with friends, you don't have to spend a lot of money. In fact, you can appreciate many places of tourist or cultural interest for free, besides the beaches, obviously. At any campsite in Palamós you can consult information on the main points of interest of the town.

What to see in Palamós?

To make it easier for you, here are some touristic places. In case you finally decide to book a campsite in Palamos. You can discover them by taking a walk, or you can add them to your list of things to see in Palamos.

  • Old town and Main Street: the historic center of the village, largely pedestrian, is ideal for walking, feel on vacation, go to their small stores in search of a souvenir or some beach items...
  • Batería de costa del Moli de Vent: This artillery battery with its air-raid shelter dates back to the Spanish Civil War. They served to defend the coast, thanks to its location at the highest point of the city. You have incredible views over the bay, the surrounding massifs and the sunsets of the Costa Brava.
  • Cannon of Palamós: This 18th century cannon was extracted from the sea in 1957 and has been in Canó street since 1963. We do not know if it belonged to a ship or to the defense of the coast.
  • Fishermen's coves: Cala S'Alguer, Cultural Asset of National Interest, with its 15th century fishermen's cottages; and Cala Estreta with its old stone hut, are authentic postcard landscapes.
  • Plaza del Convento de los Agustinos: in the Pedró neighborhood, you will find this square where the architectural remains of the old Augustinian Monastery are located: the door, the columns of the cloister, the rose window and the oculus of the church.
  • Castle of Sant Esteve del Mar: If you walk in the direction of Cala S'Alguer, following the coastline, you can see the ruins of this castle of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries that are part of the origins of Palamos.
  • The port: it is a place where you have to walk. Fishing, leisure and commerce, this port is international and a key point of the Costa Brava. You can take a walk along the pier and breathe the fresh sea air, not to be missed if you come to a campsite in Palamós!
  • Santa Maria del Mar Church: A church built in 1417 in a chapel of 1349. Inside there’s a collection of sacred art, with a work done by Isaac Hermes Vermey (Netherlands, 16th century).
  • Iberian settlement of Castell: This archaeological site is registered in the Spanish Historical Heritage. They are from an Iberian settlement from the 6th century BC to the 1st century AD. Discovered in 1935, it is located at the eastern end of the beach of Castell.

Plan your vacations in Palamós

When you have made a small tour of the town and its surroundings, you will think what to do in Palamos. We´ll suggest activities that you can add to your planning: you will see that they all have something to do with the charming natural environment that surrounds us.

  • Gastronomic tourism

In addition to the restaurants in the campsites of Palamós, within the village you will find the best of local, Mediterranean and foreign gastronomy. From the end of the Old Quarter, the area of the wall as the locals call it, to the other side of the promenade, you will pass by a wide variety of restaurants offering fresh fish and seafood. Being next to the port and its auction, they can only have good products. In fact, the llotja is open for visits from Monday to Friday afternoon: you will be able to attend the auction and see how the fish is sold. Some campsites in Palamós have direct access to the beach, so you will be able to fish.

Speaking of fresh seafood, you will surely have heard of the Palamós shrimp. It is a delicacy famous beyond our borders, for its incomparable flavor. And when you eat the first one, you will try to compare it without success with the other prawns that have passed through your life, Most of the restaurants that have it on their menu let you choose the size: small, medium, or large, each Palamosí and Palamosina has its favorite. Do not wait any longer to book your campsite near Palamos: you can take advantage of the shrimp festival in June, and the gastronomic campaign from May to June organized by several restaurants in the area that propose you their Gamba Menu.

On the other hand, we also think of those who are not crazy about the "sea" of "sea and mountain". To eat good quality meat, vegetarian dishes, tacos... that is to say, other flavors, you will have more luck in the old town. There you can choose between Galician or Basque pinchos, gastronomic restaurants, Argentinean or Mexican cuisine, homemade pizzas and hamburgers... There is something for everyone!

  • Sports tourism

The advantage of Palamós for sporty families is the diversity of its natural environment: water sports, hiking, cycling... The sea, the massifs and the vegetation give you unique opportunities to do sport in the middle of nature.

Are you more of a beach and sea person?

Rent a kayak or paddle surf to sail on the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, and access corners of the coast inaccessible on foot. On the other hand, if you prefer to go below the surface, you will find diving schools such as Diversub, on the beach of Camping Cala Gogo near Palamós, which offers baptisms, beginner or advanced classes and equipment rental.

If you appreciate the scenery of the coast but do not like being in the water, walking is an ideal option. The Camino de Ronda is perfect for lovers of hiking, and also for those who are not so fond of it. They are paths along the coast, formerly used by the Civil Guard to control trade and illegal goods arriving by sea. Today they have become well known hiking itineraries, with varied difficulty. Do not hesitate to equip yourself with your swimsuit, as you will pass several beaches and beautiful coves near Palamós on the way to Playa de Aro. The best place to take a break and have a swim before continuing.

Do you prefer the forest and the mountains?

The Gavarres massif is waiting for you. You can walk in the middle of the forest, observe the surrounding flora, some streams if the weather is not too dry... And above all, you will have incredible views of the whole region, as a reward for your climb.

You can’t choose between the sea and the mountain?

Following the Camino de Ronda, this time in the direction of Cap Roig, you will find more vegetation and forests, always along the sea and passing by some beaches.

If you are more of a cyclist, the Ruta del Tren Petit awaits you. It is a 6 km route between Palamós and Palafrugell, which follows the old Carrilet train track. This part is of low difficulty, and you will not find cars, so it is ideal for families with children.

  • Maritime tourism

Finally, we could not talk about Palamós without talking about its beaches and the sea.

We know very well that you will want to enjoy the sun of the Costa Brava, and you can do it in your own way. Lying on the sand of the Platja Gran de Palamós, a beach of more than 500 meters that reaches the beach of Sant Antoni de Calonge, and relax. If you are more of smaller beaches, you can go to the Castell, more natural and wild, or La Fosca and San Esteban with its beach bars. As for coves, you just have to follow the Camino de Ronda and stop at the one you like the most!

Besides, for boat enthusiasts, Palamós and its marina are full of nautical activities. Every year the Christmas Race takes place and every two years, a traditional sailing festival is organized, an opportunity to discover boats from another era while sailing our waters. There are companies in the area where you can rent a boat, take an excursion with a skipper, and even take sailing lessons.

Finally, we cannot help you organize your vacations in Palamos without recommending a visit to the Fishing Museum: it is a unique museum in the Mediterranean. It is located in an old port shed, and it is completed by a "floating" museum: some fishing boats that you can visit. A part of the museum is also dedicated to gastronomy. You can learn to identify and cook different fish, with courses, workshops, and tastings.

Stay in Palamós

To spend a good vacation in Palamos, you have to find a place to sleep. Accommodation, campsites, hotels in Palamos... So many choices! However, for the whole family to be happy, what better choice than a campsite on the beach in Palamos? Swimming pools, slides, kids club, restaurants, animations, sports courts, direct access to the beach, shows... Parents and children find everything they need and more, to have fun and / or relax during their vacations in Palamos.

Accommodation in Palamós

Look no further for your accommodation in Palamós: you can find accommodations of different ranges, less than 5 km from Palamós, at Camping Sènia Cala Gogo.

In this campsite near Palamós they have a selection of luxurious mobile homes and bungalows, which have nothing lose compared to the hotel rooms in Palamós. In fact, you can book bungalows on the seafront a few meters from the sand, or others on the heights to have incredible views while having breakfast. They also have accommodations composed of two suites for couples of friends who want to savor the luxury without going over budget.  And some modern mobile homes even have Smart TV, and that halfway between pools and beach, which is ideal if you come with children.

In the same way, the more traditional campers will find their ideal accommodation: the 4 SENIS range of the Cala Gogo campsite offers unbeatable value for money. If you prefer to be very close to the beach, they have comfortable mobile homes with 2 or 3 bedrooms equipped with everything you need for your vacations. On the contrary, if you prefer the blue of the swimming pools and the water games, you will find other mobile homes of 2 rooms or 3 rooms only 5 minutes away.

Finally, if you are looking for something economical in a campsite near Palamós, you will also find accommodation without air conditioning, but with everything you need for your daily life: a bungalow for 4 or 6 people, or an equipped tent for 4 on the beach.

Camping pitches near Palamós

Whether you are used to camping, traveling in a caravan, or a novice, Camping Cala Gogo makes it all easy for you. They have camping pitches designed for various sizes of tents and vehicles.

Because sleeping in the open air or with your own little house is fine, but with electricity, water, clean toilets, food to take away... you’ll have an even better time!

So, whether you are looking for a shaded pitch for your tent and your dog, or a motorhome area in Palamós, the most important thing is that you look at how much surface you need, and how you are going to occupy your days once at the campsite.

So you can choose a pitch for a small tent for 2 people, or on the contrary for your motorhome of more than 7 meters. Besides, if you prefer to park your caravan as close as possible to the sea, you also have plots available in the beach area; and if you are more into swimming pools, many plots are located around them.

This is the best way to enjoy your vacation: just a few meters away from your favorite activity.