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Campsites in S'Agaró

Discover the best campsites in S'Agaró in our search engine. It is one of the three towns that make up the municipality of Castell d'Aro, in the Baix Empordà. It benefits from a privileged location between Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Playa de Aro, in the heart of the Costa Brava.

It was admired by the Catalan nobility and is still seen by numerous fortunes from the East, purchasing houses within the noucentista nucleus, an exclusive area protected by the cultural asset of national interest.

But you don't need such a high budget to enjoy S'Agaró and its quiet atmosphere and beautiful beaches. Indeed, maybe you were looking for a hotel or an appartment in S'Agaró and the prices did not fit your budget. Camping in S'Agaró is the best option: you won't miss anything from the other accommodation options, you will have modern and family-friendly facilities at your disposal. Most of the campsites in S'Agaró have luxury accommodations and facilities, which are not far from 5-star hotels.

Go Camping in S'Agaró

The campsites in S'Agaró and its surroundings, because they’re located in the heart of the Costa Brava, are very well distributed and prepared to welcome families on vacation.

You will find bungalows and mobile homes equipped with everything you need. The world of camping innovates and modernizes more every year, with luxurious accommodations, design, large terraces, Smart TV, dishwasher...

Modern campsites in S'Agaró

On the Costa Brava in general, and in the area of Playa de Aro, S'Agaró and Calonge more specifically, the campsites do not hesitate to follow trends to satisfy all types of guests.

For example, you can stay in Glamping tents, which offer a new way of enjoying camping. They are large tents located in nature, made of fabric on the outside, but with all the comfort of an inside bungalow. They even have a kitchen, bathroom and separate bedrooms, all finished in wood for a more authentic touch.

There are also luxurious bungalows with much more space than usual. Some look like an apartment or a hotel room, but you have all this luxury in an individual cottage in the middle of nature. It is a much more charming environment, offering views of the most beautiful Costa Brava sunsets.

In addition to the accommodations, the facilities in general are also modernized. Some campsites have a several swimming pools, slides and water games, becoming more and more like small water parks. On the other hand, most of them have their own restaurant (or several), bar, stage for shows, supermarket, so that their guests lack nothing and have everything very close.

Additionally, they also have activities for all ages nearby. A few campsites offer a full program of entertainment and activities, free and well-maintained sports courts, gyms with modern equipment, and sometimes even direct access to the beach so you don't have to take the car and fill it with sand!

Camping pitches in S'Agaró 

Now those who go camping with caravan, van, tent, or motorhome are already more accustomed to theses types of facilities and services. What interests us most, apart from all these entertainment possibilities, is what they offer in terms of plots and toilets.

Well, in S'Agaró and its surroundings, you will find very well equipped campsites designed for a more traditional way of enjoying your vacations.

The first thing you have to look at is the location: if you are more of a beach person, choose a campsite with direct access to the sand and you will have everything easier. You can even find camping pitches on the sand or just a few meters from it.

Once you have chosen the area of your pitch, be informed about the size: coming as a couple with a tent is not the same as having to park a motorhome of more than 7 meters with the whole family. And if in the end you need two plots because you can't all fit in one, you only have to ask for the plots to be together, some campsites offer this service.

Finally, check that electricity is included, or if you have a water connection on the plot. Most of the campsites in S'Agaró are adapting this more and more so that this is already the case by default, but it is better to ask in advance.

A vacation in S'Agaró

When you have already chosen and booked your campsite, you can start to relax with your vacations in mind. Now all you have to do is imagine what you are going to do once you are here. We will help you to plan with some ideas about what to see and what to do in S'Agaró.

Visit S'Agaró

As we mentioned, S'Agaró stands out for the modernist design of its houses. Taking a stroll through the residential part is a real eye candy. The land belonged to Josep Ensesa i Gubert since 1916; in 1923 he thought of building houses and began to idealize an urban planning project with the architect Rafael Masó. Thus was born the private urbanization of S'Agaró, following the garden-city model. All the constructions had to follow aesthetic conditions based on the noucentista style. And this is how other architects continued to build respecting these rules in the 1960s.

In 1995, the homogeneity and beauty of this residential nucleus led to its declaration as an Asset of Cultural Interest. The expansion of tourism in the area did not change anything to the existing S'Agaró, which is maintained with the same lines, the same style, and the same exclusivity.

After a walk through this quieter residential area, you can go to the main avenue that goes down from Playa de Aro to the beach where you will find the best restaurants in S'Agaró. It is ideal to eat, or simply to have a drink with the family before going to the beach. You will be able to choose between different gastronomic dishes, with even more options as you get closer to Playa de Aro, where you will be able to choose between more restaurants than in S'Agaró.

What to do in S'Agaró?

Well, as we said, the beaches of S'Agaró are a mandatory stop during a vacation in the area. And this part of the Costa Brava has the most beautiful coves, with turquoise water, rocks and vegetation that make each one a unique piece of paradise.

For example, you can go for a swim or just relax in Cala Pedrosa, or the beach of Sa Conca with its cozy sand and shallow depth in the first meters, ideal with children. There is also the beach of Sant Pol, shared with Sant Feliu de Guíxols, a long sandy beach with plenty of space.

Besides, many more beaches and coves, but also viewpoints, are accessible by the Camino de Ronda, another obligatory activity if you come to S'Agaró. It is a path with varied views and landscapes along the coastline of the Costa Brava. Formerly used by the Guardia Civil to control the smuggling that came along the coast, today it is an ideal itinerary for hiking of any level. It has flatter parts in better condition, but also steeper paths with old stone stairs carved into the rock.

That way you will be able to arrive at the Mirador de S'agaró, a pretty structure of temple at the foot of the sea whose view is all water up to the horizon. And if you like more panoramic views, you can change direction and go towards the forest, where you can find the Pinell viewpoint from which you will have a wonderful view of S'Agaró and its coast.

As you have seen, S'Agaró is ideal for families who love nature and the sea, its location offers a multitude of landscapes and routes to discover more of our region.

On the other hand, by being a coastal town on the Costa Brava, it has a wide range of leisure activities linked to the sea and its surroundings. Vacations are the perfect time to start diving thanks to the schools in the area, or rent a kayak, a paddle surf or a jet ski for example, to go on an adventure in search of hidden and quiet coves.