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Campsites in Calonge and Sant Antoni

A perfect  place for a family vacation. Both Calonge and Sant Antoni are located halfway to the French border, 100 km from Barcelona (100km).

It is also located in the heart of the Costa Brava, between Playa de Aro and Palamós. This town is divided into two parts: on one hand, the inland area, Calonge, where the medieval castle from the 8th century is located, and on the other hand, the coastal area, Sant Antoni, where most of the tourist establishments in the area are located. This last area is better known, because of the spectacular beaches and coves.

Both towns, Calonge and Sant Antoni are one of the best-known towns in the Costa Brava. One of the most beautiful coves in Calonge is “Ses Torretes”, also popularly known as Cala Gogo. It is a beautiful cove, about 100m long, with crystal clear turquoise water.

In Calonge, we will find some hotels, but without a doubt,  Calonge campsites are the perfect choice for a family vacation. The reason is because most of the campsites have facilities and activities oriented at the whole family. The smallest and most mischievous of the house are safer since the animation teams are always with them and the enclosure is closed.

Discover Sant Antoni and learn more about the Calonge campsites

Calonge and its coasts are perfect for those looking to enjoy small virgin coves. Book one of the Calonge campsites, many of them, such as Camping Sènia Cala Gogo, have direct access to the beach.

Campsite in Calonge

The Calonge campsites are located in the inland area. However, in this area there is not a great offer of campsites. This is because the main tourist attractions in the area are located in San Antoni, the beach area side.

Perhaps you have heard of Calonge because it´s the municipality to which Sant Antoni belongs.

Even so, in Calonge there are also a multitude of very interesting tourist spots that you should visit. Both,  Calonge and Sant Antoni  are very close to each other. If you book  a campsite in San Antoni or Calonge you can visit the most important attractions of both places.

The main mandatory stop in Calonge is the Castle. A fortification dating from the 11th century

Campsite in Sant Antoni de Calonge 

Sant Antoni belongs to the town of Calonge and is the best known tourist part of the town. In fact, as I have mentioned before, most of the campsites and tourist attractions in the area appear in this part. It is located next to the beach and is an ideal place for a family vacation as it has a wide range of activities designed for children and adults.

 What to visit in Sant Antoni de Calonge?

  • Dolmen de Puigsesforques: an impressive rock from 3500 BC. Representing a Neolithic funerary monument.
  • Villa Romana: This particular monument was declared in 1996 as an asset of cultural interest and is considered one of the greatest discoveries of Roman archeology. A place that you certainly cannot miss.
  • Wines: Sant Antoni is a town that loves good wine, so we advise you to go to any of the restaurants specializing in wines in Sant Antoni and try a wine with DO Empordà.

 What to do in Sant Antoni de Calonge?

  • Hiking: We cannot talk about camping in Sant Antoni de Calonge and not talk about the Camino de Ronda, a route that borders the coast of the Costa Brava.
  • Sun and beach. Discover the Coves and Beaches of Sant Antoni, among which Torre Valentina and Ses Torretes stand out, to which the Camping Sènia Cala Gogo has direct access, which is ideal for Snorkeling.
  • Gastronomy: Savor your vacations like never before. Discover the wonderful Catalan gastronomy and these holidays let you be conquered by the stomach.

A camping holiday

The camping world both in Calonge and the rest of the Costa Brava is changing. Now a camping holiday is not synonymous as uncomfortable, quite the opposite. In the Calonge campsites you can find luxurious bungalows of more than 60 square meters. Some    even by the sea or with a breathtaking view.

It is clear that holidays are different now; however, camping continues to breathe that feeling of happiness, nature and fun that always characterizes a camping holiday.

For a family vacation, a campsite is perfect as there are activities for young and adults. In addition, most of the campsites in Calonge have facilities designed for an unforgettable family vacation: Themed pools, sports courts, slides, swimming pools, playgrounds...

Now it's your turn, find your perfect campsite

You already know everything you need to be able to reserve one of the Calonge or Sant Antoni campsites. Now you will say: OK, the town is very beautiful ... but with so many camping possibilities in Calonge, where am I going?

When booking a campsite in Calonge or elsewhere, it is important to answer the following questions:

Is it located near the beach? Is there  animation for the little ones? Are there activities for adults? Do you have pools and slides? And most  importantly,  how about the prices?

Don't worry, we are going to make it easier for you in the following list of Campsites, we only include the Calonge campsites that meet all the previous answers