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Campsites in Santa Cristina de Aro

Have you thought about spending your vacation in Santa Cristina de Aro? It is a privileged place, a town from the mid-nineteenth century between Playa de Aro and Sant Feliu de Guíxols. But human activity in this area dates back to 12000 BC. Each era left its mark, with dolmens, mausoleums, castles and churches...

Although today tourism is a large part of its economy, it also involved the exploitation of cork, an industry with long tradition throughout Catalonia.

With such empowering history and a present strongly linked to tourism, we can say that staying in this city will not bore you. Then, you just need to find a campsite in Santa Cristina de Aro to enjoy its charming landscapes and relax in the sun of the Costa Brava.


The campsites in Santa Cristina de Aro

For an unforgettable family vacation in Santa Cristina de Aro, camping is the ideal solution. Far from the old-fashioned image that some of them still have, the campsites of Santa Cristina d'Aro and the Costa Brava are authentic small villages. They offer cottages of different ranges, some with luxurious finishes.

They also have everything at your disposal so that you don't have to leave without a good reason: supermarket, water park, restaurants, clean toilets, sport’s courts... And what's more: a few campsites in the area offer direct access to the beach.

So if you were thinking of booking a hotel in Santa Cristina de Aro, we hope you will change your mind. In a campsite, you won't have elevators or narrow corridors with carpet on the floor: welcome to the middle of nature!

Bungalows and plots in Santa Cristina

As we already mentioned, in the campsites of Santa Cristina de Aro, Playa de Aro, Calonge... you can find luxurious bungalows and mobile homes. Some of them have more than 50 square meters, with 3 bedrooms, air conditioning, Smart TV, dishwasher, spacious terraces ... It is a mix between an individual house and an apartment in Santa Cristina de Aro, all surrounded by greenery and ocean views.

There are also more traditional accommodations, with or without air conditioning. But they are equipped with just enough for a carefree vacation: kitchen with microwave, ceramic hob, fridge, kitchenware, bathroom with shower, separate rooms ... good value for money, without sacrificing your comfort.

Apart from accommodation, you will of course find camping pitches, both for tents and caravans. They come in all sizes on the Costa Brava, and most of them already include electricity and water supply. So you can book a site adapted to your needs: with plenty of shade, with ocean views, near the campsite restaurant, near the beach or the swimming pools, next to your friends with whom you always go on vacation...

In the end, we know that the ideal choice for your family exists: the only thing is to know what you need, and you will find it!

Modern facilities at the campsites in Santa Cristina de Aro

What do you feel like doing during your vacations, and what about the kids? Think big: have breakfast in the restaurant in the morning, go for a swim at the beach, eat a salad on your terrace, have fun in the swimming pools and slides, take a nap and have a drink in front of a night show after dinner. All this is possible without leaving the campsite of your choice.

That's right, most of the campsites in Santa Cristina de Aro offer modern and fun facilities for the whole family. For the little ones, the water slides, the swimming pools adapted with water games, the playgrounds, and the children's clubs are the setting for making memories.

For teenagers, being able to walk to the beach without their parents (possible thanks to a direct access from the campsite) and get a tan for their Instagram photos is sure to convince them.  Having fun in the swimming pools, playing soccer or basketball on a sports court, and let's not lie, wi-fi, they all are part of the indispensable things they will ask for when you choose the campsite for your vacations.

Finally, adults are looking for a quiet campsite, with clean toilets and the beach, supermarket and restaurants at a good price nearby, so that they don't have to take the car and cook every day. All this and more, you will find it in the campsites near Santa Cristina.

What to do in Santa Cristina de Aro?

Once you have booked your campsite near the beach in Santa Cristina de Aro, it's time to start relaxing, jotting down some ideas for your upcoming vacations.

We believe in responsible tourism and respect of the destination. Therefore we think it is important to be informed and if possible, discover the environment and heritage of the places you visit. 

We have made your job easier, because we don't want you to work more. Below you will find our tips on what to see and what to do in Santa Cristina de Aro. Just select what interests you and your family.

Discover the village of Santa Cristina (and its heritage)

First, you can take a walk around the village of Santa Cristina. At the reception of any campsite in Santa Cristina, they will be able to help you and give you some map about the main points of interest. In addition, you can also go to the tourist office. It is an old train station where the Carrilet, a train that ran from Sant Feliu de Guixols to Girona, worked for 77 years (until 1969).

If you like churches, you can make a small route to see 3 of them. Leaving the Church of Santa Cristina d'Aro from the 10th century, you can go inside to find the Church of Santa Maria de Bell-lloc d'Aro with a more atypical aspect: initially built around the 6th century, the current building is from the 10th century. Finally, if you go a little further up towards Romanyà de la Selva, you can see the Church of Sant Martí de Romanyà, from the 10th and 11th centuries.

On the other hand, in Santa Cristina de Aro you can also see ruins of different structures. First we find the Iberian settlement of Plana Basarda, which we think had an area of 2 hectares and was inhabited from the fourth century to the first century BC. You can find traces of a central street, or silos and stairs dug into the ground. You can also see the foundations of the walls of the Paleochristian Chapel of Santa Cristina d'Aro, attributed to the 6th century. Finally you´ll find the ruins of Solius Castle, from the 15th century, from which you will have a panoramic view over the surrounding massifs.

Finally, when you have seen enough churches and ruins, we recommend you to visit La Casa Magica (the Great Museum of Magic). If you book a camping in Santa Cristina or its surroundings and you have time, you will be able to quietly discover this extraordinary collection of the illusionist Xevi, which he collected all over the world. You will find numerous automatons, decks of cards, curious objects and magic apparatus, and much more.

Outdoor activities in Santa Cristina de Aro

Santa Cristina de Aro benefits from a unique natural environment, in the heart of Costa Brava with its beautiful coves; next to the Gavarres and Ardenya massifs with wonderful landscapes; and on the path of the Ridaura river offering us a luxuriant vegetation. Therefore, for nature lovers, a campsite in Santa Cristina is perfect to enjoy your vacations.

You can discover these enchanting landscapes on foot or by bike. Many enthusiasts have already opened the way and you can find itineraries of different levels and durations. Part of them form the famous Camino de Ronda: a path along the coastline formerly used by the Guardia Civil to control the smuggling activities coming from the sea.

If you prefer the forest to the sea, some walking routes allow you to access several viewpoints to admire incredible views, and others will guide you to the Dolmen of Daina cave, a very well preserved dolmen from the third century BC. You can pass, on foot or by bike, by the Fuente Picante, a source of ferruginous water located in a forest of the Gavarres.

And if you like cycling, you will also have several options.  The Via Verde Ruta del Carrilet for example, which we talked about before, is signposted and runs along the old path of the Carrilet train. Other routes take you through the surroundings of the Ridaura with a flat itinerary.

On the other hand, a vacation in Santa Cristina de Aro would not be complete without taking advantage of the coastline, its beaches and coves. If you follow the Camino de Ronda from Santa Cristina, in either direction, you will find many beautiful coves with turquoise waters where you can lie down for a moment. Among them you will also have access to larger beaches, the main beaches of each village of the Costa Brava. In Santa Cristina the beaches Cala Sa Conca, Casa Pedrosa, and Playa Sant Pol stand out. Some nearby campsites in Santa Cristina are located in the Calas so they are perfect to visit these routes.

Thanks to this coastline, water lovers will be able to do water activities without any problem. You can rent kayaks or paddle surfs, and even jet skis, to reach inaccessible coves on foot, while enjoying the way over the welcoming waters of the Costa Brava. There are also several diving schools in the area, ideal both for beginners and advanced divers, or to rent equipment if you already know what you are doing. And why not, enjoy your vacations to treat yourself to a whim: an excursion on a boat with a skipper, to let yourself go and get away from the coast for a moment.

Another outdoor activity that we have to mention if we talk about Santa Cristina de Aro is golf. Wehave several recognized fields around, it has become a destination for fans of this sport. If it is an activity that you have mastered, you only need to choose where to practice among the different options you have; if you have never tried it, why not take a class and see how you do?