Campsites in Catalonia

It's time for vacation. Are you thinking of a campsite in Catalonia? Well, good thinking. In Catalonia you will find many of the best campsites in all of Europe. Moreover, whether you are looking for a campsite on the coast or in the mountains, Catalonia is home to authentic natural paradises.

The campsites in Catalonia are perfect to enjoy an amazing vacation with family, friends or as a couple. There are also many possibilities, economic campsites, luxury campsites, resorts, on the beach or in the mountains, etc.

In Sènia you can discover the best campsites in Catalonia and most importantly, we help you choose the one that best suits the type of vacation you are looking for. Because choosing a vacation is not an easy task. We sometimes wait a whole year for these days; therefore, they have to be perfect.

Types of travelers

As I mentioned before, there is a wide variety of campsites in Catalonia, and each one is destined as a particular type of vacation. Therefore, before choosing a campsite in Catalonia you should stop and think about the type of vacation you are looking for and with whom you want to enjoy these days. Do not worry, we have already made an analysis of the campsites in Catalonia for you. But first of all let's talk about you and what you are looking for.

Camping in Catalonia for families

Going camping with children is probably one of the most joyful ways to enjoy this wonderful world. And honestly, I think that most, if not all campsites in Catalonia are perfect for traveling with children. A camping vacation means freedom, and at the same time safety for the little mischiefs of the house: On one hand, freedom because all the spaces in the campsites are open and you can always breathe some fresh air. On the other hand, safety, because the children can always be looked after since the accesses to the campsite are always secured, additionally almost all the campsites in Catalonia have an animation team that ensures the safety and fun of the children.

The enormous change that is emerging in the world of camping in Catalonia is also worth mentioning. The vast majority of Catalan campsites dedicated to national tourism have impressive facilities designed for the enjoyment of the whole family. Facilities such as themed swimming pools with games, giant slides, playgrounds, mini club, extensive entertainment programs, night shows, etc. … there’s no doubt you will enjoy your family vacation in any of the Catalan campsites.

Camping in Catalonia for couples

On the other hand, if what you are looking for in Catalonia is camping for couples, we will help you find the best way to surprise your travel partner. For this type of vacation, we must take into account 2 main things: On one hand, the environment, e.g., the campsite must be in a beautiful and romantic place to adventure with your partner. And on the other hand, the accommodation, in case you’re looking for glamping or a bungalow in Catalonia, you will find many romantic possibilities to enjoy camping in with your partner in Catalonia.

Bungalow TERRA of Camping Riu has grabbed our attention. It is a luxurious Bungalow for two people with Jacuzzi with whirlpool and glass roof to contemplate the stars. Visit this website if you want to find more places and accommodations to surprise your partner in Catalonia.

We are making decision taking easy for you...

Camping in Catalonia with friends

Why not? The environment of most campsites in Catalonia is stunning and perfect to enjoy outdoor activities. In addition Catalonia is a region full of life, where in each of its villages you can breathe life, and above all you can breathe summer.

First of all, if you travel to a campsite in Catalonia with friends in the beach area, you can enjoy a multitude of activities and leisure: 

  • Diving: Discover the depths of the Catalan Coast with your friends. It is worth mentioning the impressive virgin coves that we have on the Costa Brava. A perfect place to practice this incredible sport.
  • Jet ski: If you and your friends are speed lovers, you cannot forget this opportunity. Enjoy an afternoon full of adrenaline and show your friends who the best driver on the water is.
  • Kayak/Paddle Surf: There are many beaches and coves, along the Costa Catalana that are worth visiting. In fact, to name them all right now would be impossible. Depending on the area where the campsite is in Catalonia, it is highly recommended to rent a kayak and get to know those hidden coves that are not accessible on foot. Without a doubt, it is one of the favorite activities for sea lovers.
  • Climbing: Ascend the steepest and most beautiful terrains in Catalonia. In this case, you can enjoy climbing whether you book a campsite on the beach or in the interior of Catalonia. You can find more information about climbing in Catalonia here.
  • Parasailing: How much do you like heights? Are you a daredevil? Soar more than 100 meters above the coast of Catalonia. Discover how this wonderful place looks like from the sky.
  • Boat trip: Sail the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy a delicious cocktail while breathing the sea breeze. This is one of the most popular activities, for those traveling with friends.

Okay, a campsite in Catalonia. But where? 

Catalonia has more than 32,108 km2 of land and more than 580 kilometers of Coast. Can you imagine how many campsites and fascinating places there can be here?

Yes, many...

To make it easier it is best to know each of its tourist regions and thus, be able to decide which place and camping in Catalonia to choose from.

Camping on the Catalan Coast

If you are convinced that this is the year you want to book a campsite on the Catalan Coast, here we’ll summarize the characteristics of each Coast and campsites in Catalonia.

We can divide the Coast into several regions: On one hand we have the south of Catalonia with the Costa Dorada which belongs to the province of Tarragona. Secondly we have the Costa de Barcelona which is composed of the Costa Garraf (south of Barcelona) and the Costa Maresme (north of Barcelona). Finally we have what is perhaps the best known and most emblematic, the Costa Brava, located in the province of Girona, north of Catalonia and near the border with France.

Costa Brava

This is one of the most famous coasts of the Iberian Peninsula. A coast that served as inspiration to great talents from around the world as the very own Salvador Dalí, a creator of Figures and one of the main representatives of surrealism.

The Costa Brava owes its name to the "aggressiveness" of its coasts. Inlets and protrusions that draw on the sea a zigzag of rocks and water and that result in landscapes worthy of posting on social media. It has that something that gives it the special touch that you will not find anywhere else.

At the same time we can divide the Costa Brava into 3 different regions:

  • Alt Empordà: Undoubtedly, the most complete region. It belongs to the Catalan Pyrenees and is the only region of the Pyrenees with a coast, something that makes this region unique. In addition to its spectacular beaches, Alt Empordà is known for its perfect climate, its gastronomy and its most famous artists such as Salvador Dalí. In this region there are towns like Sant Pere Pescador, Roses, Empuriabrava, Cadaqués and many others that you cannot miss.
  • Baix Empordà: It is located in the center of the Costa Brava and is known for its coves with crystal clear turquoise waters. Baix Empordà is the perfect place for nature, sun and coves. In this charming region you can find towns like: Playa de Aro, a town full of life and around it you can enjoy beautiful coves. Palamós, surely one of the best-known towns in the region, for two reasons: On one hand because of the beauty of its streets and beach, and on the other hand, for the recognition of its delicious prawns.
  • La Selva: This is the southernmost region of the Costa Brava. A place known for its strong culture, which is reflected in the streets of each of the towns that compose it. In this region you can find some of the best campsites in Catalonia. You will find emblematic towns such as: Blanes, Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar. The latter is undoubtedly one of those places that you must visit at least once in your life. This region is not only home to coastal places, within the city, you can also visit charming villages such as Caldes de Malavella, with its thermal spas, or Santa Coloma de Farners.

Wherever you book your camping in Catalonia we are sure that you will want to come back to discover all these regions, so do not worry because you will surely enjoy your vacations in any of these places. Anyway, even if you stay in one region or another you can go to visit them all as access and distances are not very long.

Barcelona Coast

As the name suggests, this is the coast of the province of Barcelona. Staying in a campsite on the Costa de Barcelona is perfect if you want to visit the city of Barcelona but at the same time you want to be in a relaxed place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This coast is divided into two regions:

  • • On one hand, on the north of Barcelona we have Costa Maresme, probably the best known of the two, due to its extensive golden sandy beaches, perfect for a family vacation. We recommend you visit towns like Pineda de Mar, Calella and Malgrat de Mar. In addition, this Coast is next to the south of the Costa Brava so you can also visit this charming region.

    • On the other hand, but this time south of Barcelona, we have El Garraf. A region that is characterized by its deep-rooted Mediterranean and coastal tradition. In addition to its proximity to Barcelona, it is characterized by the sea and the mountains as the contrasts of this place are fascinating.

Golden Coast

A coast that serves as a gateway to Catalonia from the south. It owes its name to the color of the sand of its beaches to the reflection of the sun. Which gives rise to an effect that seems like the sand itself are sheets of gold.

This region is made up of more than 90 kilometers of coastline with long and extensive beaches. The Costa Dorada stands out for its proximity to the city of Barcelona, its exciting and delicious gastronomy, its great cultural offer and its spectacular weather during the summer months.

A combination that gives rise to an ideal place for an unforgettable summer vacation.

Among its villages, it includes towns like Salou, Tarragona or Cambrils itself. Emblematic places of Catalonia that are recognized worldwide.

One of the main tourist attractions of the Costa Dorada is the Port Aventura Amusement Park. A park that every year hosts almost 5 million visitors from all over the world. Whether you stay at the Costa Dorada or any other campsite in Catalonia you can buy your ticket at the reception of the campsite.

Camping in the inland of Catalonia

There are hundreds of campsites in villages in the interior of Catalonia worth visiting. To list them all here would be impossible, however, we’ll leave you a summary of the most important and most recognized:

  • Rupit (Girona): We have decided to put them in first place because it is one of those magical places. A place where nature and history come together to draw a unique landscape. The village of Rupit is composed of cobbled streets and houses of the sixteenth century. A place where it seems that time has not passed. Around it you will find beautiful natural places full of hiking trails that you should visit.
  • Vic (Girona): Stroll through its ancient streets and visit the Roman temple of the second century. If we talk about Vic we cannot miss its gastronomy, it is a place that is characterized by its sausages.
  • Prullans (Lleida): A village next to the river Segre and surrounded by mountain massifs. They give rise to impressive viewpoints. Prullans in a Pyrenean village that maintain its essence to this day.
  • Besalú (Girona: A medieval village located in the interior of Girona. A medieval ensemble considered one of the best-preserved in Catalonia.
  • Monblanc (Tarragona): The main attraction of the Cistercian route. A village that dates back to 1080 and preserves its streets, practically unchanged.