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Campsites in Rosas

Rosas is a town with a long tourist tradition. An emblematic town in the northern part of the Costa Brava where every year thousands of tourists visit the beauty of this place. Besides visiting the main tourist attractions, you can discover the best campsites in Rosas. And we are sure that you will love one of them.

 If you are looking for a campsite in Rosas or near the town, you should bear in mind that there are a multitude of possibilities. Each one of them is specialized in a different types of trips for families, couples and others to come with friends.

 One of the hallmarks of Rosas and at the same time, very possibly the reason of its prestige are its beaches and paradisiacal coves that it shelters. These areas make the campsites in Rosas the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. In addition, we can find two totally different types of beaches: On one hand, there are extensive beaches of golden sand, full of water activities. On the other hand, near some of the campsites in Rosas, you can find small-lost coves with turquoise waters, perfect for a relaxing day at the beach.

A vacation in Roses

The town of Roses is a former colony of Greece, and as such is marked by the culture and tradition that flood the towns of the Mediterranean Coast. Besides being a town full of culture and history. We must highlight the beauty of its beaches, long stretches of fine sand lapped by crystal clear waters. The village is located north of Cap de Creus, in the heart of the Alt Empordà region.

What to see in Roses ?

It is clear that booking a campsite in Roses or anywhere else on the Costa Brava is a must. This place is home to authentic wonders that you cannot miss:

  • Citadel: It is a Renaissance fortification where you can find the remains of the Greek city of Rhode. A set of walls that protected the town from attacks by invaders. In the Citadel of Rhodes you can find numerous and very important historical sites. It is undoubtedly a perfect place for history lovers. To visit it you can get all the information at the reception of any campsite in Rosas. It was founded by the Greeks who called it Rhoda at the beginning of the 4th century BC.
  • Old Town: Narrow, irregular and ancient are the streets that make up the historic center of the town of Rosas, and in them you can breathe and feel the passage of time. In these streets you can enjoy great atmosphere and plenty of small stores.
  • Trinity Castle: It was built in the sixteenth century, sitting atop the Poncella mountain, just above the lighthouse of Rosas. This monument puts the icing on the cake to a unique historical site that you cannot miss if you come to Rosas. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the castle is its views of the bay, one of the most beautiful in the world.
  • Promenade: It is a wide extension of land, full of gardens and stores, an ideal place to stroll and take pictures.
  • Megalithic Ensembles: It is one of the most important in Catalonia, due to its size and good preservation. There are several sets and are visited through an assigned itinerary. It is only 2 kilometers and the route is located on the hill of the Torre del Sastre.

What to do in Rosas?

If you have finally decided to book a campsite in Rosas, we propose some of the best plans for your vacations.

  • Festival Sons del Món: The festival is held at the end of July and is one of the most renowned festivals of the Costa Brava. It brings together national and international artists in an outdoor auditorium in the middle of the citadel. Undoubtedly, a magical place to enjoy music.
  • Water activities: As a sea town, activities such as kayaking, surfing, boat rides, diving, snorkeling, etc. stand out. Enjoy these fun activities during your vacations in Rosas. You can find more information here. However, once at the campsite they will surely be able to help you at the reception desk on how to book these types of activities.
  • Routes around the Cap de Creus. These routes stand out for the succession of impressive cliffs and small coves that draw a picture worthy of sharing on social networks. The Natural Park of Cabo de Creus occupies more than 13886 hectares, composed of unique natural landscapes. One of the best-known paths is the Old Road from Cadaqués to Cabo de Creus. If you do not have much time, this path is perfect.
  • Sun and beach day: Enjoy the fascinating beaches of Rosas. They stand out for their crystal clear waters and fine sand. It’s perfect to come with the family, since the sea water barely covers until you enter quite a few meters inland. On the other hand, in the surroundings of the majority of the Camping de Rosas you will be able to enjoy small lost coves to enjoy the tranquility.
  • Gastronomy: In these vacations let yourself be conquered by the Catalan gastronomy. When inside the restaurants of the campsite of Rosas where you book or in any of the village, you can taste delicious typical Catalan dishes.

How are you going to discover Roses?

This charming place in the north of the Costa Brava is perfect for vacations. Whether you come as a couple, with friends or family, you will surely end up falling in love with this place. Not only for the beauty of its streets and surroundings, but also because of the amount of fun and exciting activities you can do during your vacation.

Additionally, in the same campsites in Rosas you can find a multitude of leisure activities and entertainment programs. There is no room for boredom!

Camping for families Rosas

As we have already mentioned, Rosas is a perfect place to enjoy a family vacation. The town itself, the surrounding area and most of the campsites in Rosas seem to be designed for family vacations.

For this reason, if you are thinking of booking a family campsite in Rosas (Costa Brava), don't worry because you won't go wrong. In addition we want to help you to decide for it we are going to show you why Rosas is perfect. We’ll propose some plans that we think could be interesting for your family vacations in Rosas:

  • AquaBrava water park: Enjoy an unbeatable and refreshing day sliding down this beautiful water park on the Costa Brava. A place where you will discover incredible sensations aboard the many attractions it houses.
  • Train of Roses: This is a new interactive way of touring the main emblems of Roses. There are several routes, but in all of them you will be able to visit the wonderful views of the Bay of Roses.
  • Diving: Discover the seabed in the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Roses.
  • Bike routes: The perfect activity for bike lovers and nature. Take your bike and ride along the spectacular routes of Rosas. A perfect combination of sea and mountain that assures you unique landscapes. In addition there are routes of little difficulty so that even the smallest of the house can also enjoy these landscapes.
  • Jet skis: Speed and fun,  go hand in hand in this exciting sport. Enjoy a ride on a jet ski in one of the most prestigious coasts of the Peninsula.
  • Kayak and pedal boats: Discover all the nooks and crannies of the Costa de Rosas, reach places that are impossible to reach on foot and above all have a great time with your whole family.

Camping for couples in Rose

It is becoming more and more complicated to surprise your partner. But the vacations is the perfect opportunity to leave him or her open-mouthed.  Rosas is a town that can be great to enjoy a vacation as a couple and there are more and more campsites for couples in Rosas.

Moreover, not only because of the facilities and activities of the campsites in Rosas, but also in the village you can always breathe that magic of romanticism. Every evening, this beautiful place gives us unique sunsets. If you book a camping in Rosas with your partner, we recommend you to go up to the viewpoint of the Bay of Rosas at sunset. It is a unique sight that will surely please you and make you fall in love with this charming town.