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Campsites in L'Escala

Welcome to Senia's campsites search engine. Here you’ll be able to find the best and cheapest campsites in La Escala. This village in the north of the Costa Brava (Alt Empordà), is home to some of the best beaches in Catalonia. However, L'Escala not only has stunning beaches, it is also a perfect place to enjoy the history and culture of its streets and monuments.

L'Escala is a beautiful place, so much that it managed to conquer the greatest conquerors of history, the Greeks and the Romans. This corner of the Costa Brava was appreciated by both cultures so much that they even came to share what we today know as the ruins of Ampúries. I am sure that if you book a hotel or campsite in L'Escala you will also want to stay here.

Beyond the history, the reputation of L'Escala comes to modern days as one of the most demanded towns by families to enjoy vacation. And what better way to enjoy a vacation than camping in L'Escala?

A vacation in L'Escala

What to see in L'Escala?

There are many places of interest that you must see If you book a camping site in L'Escala. We have tried to summarize those "must-see" destinations:

  • Promenade: It is a space of almost two kilometers along the long beach and connects the old town with the area of Riells. It is a perfect place to stroll quietly and enjoy the sea breeze with your family. There are many campsites in L'Escala that are very close to the promenade.
  • The Little Prince: It is a culture dedicated to the work "El petit Princep". It is the sculpture of a prince that every day contemplates the sunrise of the Costa Brava. A sight worth seeing day after day, you never get tired of it.
  • Ruins of Empúries: The ruins of Empúries are right next to the village. One of the most important discoveries of Greek and Roman culture in the peninsula. A town that was the union between two opposing peoples, Rome and Greece. It was one of the most important commercial points of the region. You can still see much of the remains of these cultures from thousands of years ago. Remains that tell the story of the people who inhabited it. An ideal place for lovers of these cultures that you cannot miss if you book a camping site in L'Escala.
  • Old Town: Narrow and ancient streets full of small stores just a step away from the beach. Among others, the most prominent places are the Church of Sant Pere, Casa del Gavià, La Caravela, Can Maranges, Alfolí de la Sal, etc ... Whether you book a camping site in L'Escala or in the surroundings this is definitely a must stop.
  • MARAM - Fish Interpretation Center: It brings us closer to the world of fishing in a visual and interactive way. Through a permanent exhibition you will learn about the fisherman's daily life... you can also attend fish auctions, MARAM also offers gastronomic days, and fish tasting ...

What to do in L'Escala?

Now after cultures and history let's talk about where the fun is in L'Escala. As a good coastal town, you can find a wide range of leisure and many small stores where you can enjoy a pleasant stroll through its streets.

  • Gastronomy: You cannot leave L'Escala if you don’t taste the delicious anchovies, the typical dish of this charming village of Alt Empordà.  You will even have the opportunity to visit the Anchovy and Salt Museum located in an old slaughterhouse from 1913.
  • Hiking: This region of the Costa Brava is known for its many beautiful wetlands. One of the best ways to access and enjoy these is with the routes that surround them. This activity is perfect for those campers in Sant Pere Pescador who love nature.
  • Bicycle routes: As I mentioned before, the Alt Empordà region and more specifically the surroundings of L'Escala are home to spectacular landscapes. And another option to visit them is with your bike. Enjoy this exciting sport surrounded by nature and wildlife. By the way, if your thing is biking and you love to discover new places, I invite you to visit the offers for cyclists in Sènia. You can not only book a campsite in L'Escala, but several campsites in Catalonia and get to know all the wonderful places that make up this region.
  • Horseback Riding: Surely the most natural and magical way. Stroll along the beaches and coves of L'Escala or discover the nature of the Natural Park. You can find more information about this rewarding activity here.
  • Water activities: What is a vacation in L'Escala without a kayak ride, jet ski or a fun Parasailing? Enjoy and measure your adrenaline with these fun and refreshing sports.

Days of sun at the beach

We cannot forget that we are in the Costa Brava, one of the regions with the most beautiful beaches of all the Peninsula. Enjoying the sun and the sea is always good but if you do it on the beach and pristine coves with crystal clear turquoise waters, it is unbeatable. It is difficult or almost impossible to number the coves and beaches that you cannot miss if you book a campsite in L'Escala. However, we are going to try:

  • Del Riet: Its sand is golden and very fine. One of the reasons why we have decided to introduce you to this beach is because it is one of the best known for sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing. It is perfect if you are looking to book a campsite in Sant Pere to practice some of these sports.
  • La Creu: Around it there are still old fishermen's houses, and its waters are always crystal clear. The beach is located in the middle of the urban center of L'Escala and the first beaches of the Empúries region. It is also true that it is usually a quiet beach, even during the summer months.
  • Portitxol: The beach cannot be reached by car but you must go on foot from the promenade of La Empúries. Possibly the most emblematic beach in the region. The environment looks like something out of a short film. On one side the ruins of Empuriabrava and on the other the impressive viewpoint of the Bay of Roses.
  • Montgó: This is a large beach of fine white sand that stretches along the south of L'Escala. The place is full of prestigious restaurants, ideal to enjoy the Catalan gastronomy.
  • Salpatx: It is located within the Natural Park of Mongrí. It draws attention becaue of the impressive cliffs that guard it. This charming beach owes its name to the islet that is a few meters from the coast in the shape of a boot.

Now it's your turn to choose the campsite in L'Escala

But first you must take into account that there are many styles of camping in L'Escala. It's up to you to choose one, or the other. If you are looking for a campsite to enjoy a family vacation it is important that there is entertainment, swimming pools, etc....

If you are passionate about caravanning in L'Escala it is important to make sure that the plots have enough space and adequate services (electricity, water, etc.).