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Campsites in Vic

If you are looking for a campsite in inland Catalonia, Vic is the perfect place. We’ll show you the best campsites in Vic and in the region of Osona (Barcelona).

Vic is the capital of the Osona region and is easily accessible from the province. You can even come and go in just one day. Although, if you really want to know this place you should enter its streets and hidden corners and above all you should explore the other villages and places that surround this small town in the interior of Catalonia.

Do you know any better way to experience nature than camping in Vic or its surroundings?

Neither do I, because the nature and the virginity of the forests and cliffs of this region are impressive and there is no better way to feel nature than camping.

The campsites in Osona are, for the most part, small and cozy, surrounded by green meadows and forests.

What to visit in Vic and surroundings?

Vic is a place where you can discover two totally different types of tourism but together they form impressive landscapes. On one hand, cultural tourism, where each of the streets of the town reflect vestiges of past times. On the other hand, nature. Osona is one of the most important protected areas of Catalonia. A protected area that stands out for the height of its cliffs and the good conservation of the trails.

Rural tourism

Vic, as well as the whole region of Osona, is known for its natural wealth. A wealth composed of impressive rocky landscapes, cliffs of tens of meters and magical waterfalls. Throughout the length and breadth of this region there are many rural accommodations where you can stay and enjoy nature. Here are some of those places that we think you cannot miss if you book an accommodation or camping in Vic.

  • Rupit: This is a charming medieval village. Its cobbled streets and stone houses make this place look like something out of a canvas. In addition there are multiple circular routes where to walk around the village.
  • Tavertet: It is possibly not one of the best-known villages in Catalonia, but it is true that its beauty deserves this mention. What stands out about this Village, in addition to its cobbled streets and stone houses (XVII century), is the imposing viewpoint of Sau.
  • Sau Reservoir: Navigate through the streets of an ancient village flooded by the waters of the reservoir. The swamp is guarded by huge rocks that grasp it from the heights. It is a unique place and you cannot miss if you book a camping by Vic.
  • Foradada de Cantonigros: It is a waterfall, but it is not a normal one... When the afternoon falls and the sunlight enters through a huge hole that seems drawn in the rock and colors a magical natural picture.
  • Salt de Sallent: This is one of the best-known routes throughout the Osona region. It is located in the village of Rupit and is of low difficulty. At the end of the route you’ll find Salt de Sallent, an impressive waterfall.

Cultural tourism

The history of Vic is marked by the Ausetans, ancient settlers of the region whose vestiges still reach our times. Some of the first settlers of this region. They were joined by the Romans, Visigoths, Saracens and other cultures that have left their culture and art in this municipality.

In Vic you can lose a whole day and not get tired of seeing its streets and monuments. So we are going to summarize some of the main places you cannot miss if you book accommodation in Vic or surroundings.

  • Roman Temple: It is one of the oldest preserved monuments in the Village. In fact, it is a place that whether you book a camping in Vic or any other accommodation, you cannot miss.  The temple dates from the second century.
  • Plaza Mayor: Place where the famous street market of Vic is held. And even though you decide to visit when there is no market, you cannot miss it. It is one of the main historical sites of the city.
  • Queralt Bridge: This is a bridge dating from the eleventh century, and served as the main access to the village for visitors from Barcelona. Since ancient times the inhabitants of Barcelona felt devotion for this place.

Cobblestone streets of Vic: Walk through the streets of the old town and remember ancient times, when the carriages traveled every day these irregular but magical streets.

In addition, one of the most important things to do in Vic, because this is also art and culture, is to taste the delicious and famous sausages. Among them stands out the llonganissa de Vic (Protected Geographical Indication). Because for sure Vic will also conquer your stomach.

Vic, for couples

If you are looking for a romantic getaway in Vic one of the best options may be in a campsite. It is worth mentioning the romantic Bungalow with Jacuzzi at Camping Sènia Rupit. Undoubtedly, a perfect option to stay near Vic.

Additionally, the environment is perfect to awaken the magic and romanticism of your relationship.

Vic, for families

Vic and its surroundings are also perfect for families. Its wide range of restaurants and low intensity hiking trails make this place a perfect family getaway. In addition, there are several campsites to stay in Vic that have accommodations designed for families.