Discover the best campsites in Empuriabrava

Campsites in Empuriabrava

You are in the perfect place to discover the best campsites in Ampuriabrava and what to do in this charming place on the Costa Brava. The Venice of the Costa Brava, as many call it, is completely bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Its streets are canals where you can navigate and discover the luxurious houses and mansions of this town.  Whether you book a campsite in Ampuriabrava or any other in the region, you have to visit this place. And it is a different place, a place that you cannot see in any other town in Catalonia or even the Peninsula.

A mandatory activity is the boat ride. Once you enter the village, and after crossing a number of bridges, you will find several companies where you can rent a boat without a license and sail through the streets. Ampuriabrava has more than 25 kilometers of canals that cross the village.

However, Ampuriabrava is not only canals, it is also a town with many other things to visit. From Sènia we want to help you know everything about the campsites in Ampuriabrava and its surroundings and what to do during your vacations in Ampuriabrava.

Ampuriabrava a town on the sea

As we have mentioned, Ampuriabrava is a town enveloped by the waters of the sea. Something that makes this town one of the most touristic demanded of the Costa Brava. The canals run through the main arteries of the city, streets lined with luxurious mansions. In the canals there are more than 5000 moorings, which form the most numerous and extensive residential marina in Europe. To get to know these canals there are several ways:

  • First you could rent a small boat without a license with which you can travel up to 8 kilometers of canals. These boats can have a capacity of up to 10 people, so during your holidays in Ampuriabrava you will be the captain!
  • On the other hand, you can take a catamaran with underwater vision. This option is available both in the canals of Ampuriabrava and in the well-known Bay of Roses.
  • Finally, get on board of a Ferry and travel through most of the canals of Ampuribrava on board of a huge boat. This option is perfect to be able to take pictures during the whole trip. This trip can last between 1 and 2 hours.
  • Without a doubt this is a perfect experience to do with family or friends. You can find more information about these boats. Anyway, you can find more information at the reception of any campsite in Ampuriabrava.

A vacation in Ampuriabrava beyond the canals

In addition to the canals, during your vacations in a campsite in Ampuriabrava you can enjoy the Aiguamolls Natural Park.   Which is located around the whole town. Therefore, a camping in Ampuriabrava is also perfect for those who love nature and outdoor activities.

What to visit in Ampuriabrava?

Ampuriabrava is also a place full of impressive monuments and constructions that you cannot miss

  • Ruins of Ampurias: If you come to spend your vacations in one of the campsites in Ampuriabrava or its surroundings, you are obliged to visit this place. A place capable of conquering the most conquering people in history, the Romans and the Greeks. Twodinasties with great differences but who were able to unite thanks to the beauty of this place. Until our times some of the remains of these civilizations have been preserved, giving rise to a unique site.
  • Visit to the Natural Park of Aiguasmolls: This spectacular protected natural area is very close to Ampuriabrava so if you book a campsite nearby you must visit it. It is one of the most important wetlands of Catalonia and in it you can find many species of flora and fauna. Especially noteworthy is the great variety of migratory bird species that use this place as a stop during their journeys of thousands of kilometers. To access the park you do not have to pay anything but it is important to be informed of the schedule before going to visit them.
  • Medieval village of Castellón de Ampurias: It is a network of alleys and streets of hundreds of years of history. To visit it all, the best way to start the tour is in the Porta de la Gallarda, which served as the main access to the fortified city of Castellón de Ampurias.

What to do in Ampuriabrava?

  • Parachute: Do you like adrenaline? Do you want to feel free? Enjoy one of the most spectacular parachute jumps in Ampuriabrava. Contemplate from the sky the magnitude of the canals of Ampuriabrava and live an experience you will never forget.
  • Ampuriabrava beach: It is clear that if you are looking for a campsite in Ampuriabrava you want to enjoy the sun and the beach, and yes, there are some fantastic beaches here! Among them stands out the main beach of Ampuriabrava. It consists of more than 1.5 kilometers of white sand and crystal-clear waters. If you are traveling with your family this beach is perfect, as it has almost no depth. In this way, the little ones can enjoy a refreshing day at the beach without any problem.
  • Can Comes: Another beach you should visit in Ampuriabrava in Can Comes. Despite being a beach of great beauty most days, even in summer its occupancy is low. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the tranquility.
  • Fairs:
    • Medieval Festival Land of troubadours: This is a date marked on the calendar of the inhabitants of this region. A festival that commemorates when Castellón de Ampurias was the capital of the county. During these days there are medieval shows in the streets. It is usually held in mid-September, coinciding with the day of Catalonia. You can not miss it if you book a camping in Ampuriabrava.
    • Ampuriabrava night market
    • Art Route: This region is also known for the many celebrities of the arts who were born here. Among them, Salvador Dalí stands out. During these dates you can follow an itinerary through the historic center to visit the main architectural and artistic works of the area.